Our History

Since our founding in 2005, the Association of Corporate Citizenship Professionals has been the membership association for companies with a commitment to corporate citizenship, and a career-long resource for purpose-driven professionals. 

Our roots date back further than 2005, with the first Forum held in 1999 with seven companies in attendance. Since day one, ACCP has been committed to advancing the field of corporate citizenship and serving as a strategic resource for its community so that they can do the most good—in their companies, their communities, and around the world.


Curt Weeden, former J & J Contributions executive, theorizes that changing expectations for high performance in the corporate social investment field required the standardization of business practices and a more strategic approach. To facilitate this, Weeden launches the Corporate Contributions Academy—known today as the Forum—with seven companies attending.

Over the next three years, more than 50 individuals will partake in the training, including ACCP’s own Melinda Bostwick in a former role.


Following the success of the Academy, Weeden launches the first annual Conference on Contributions in Orlando with 40 companies attending.

Then, with six successful years of trainings complete, a group of 10 companies decide to start a 501(c)(6) in 2005. The organization—which launches with chartered bylaws, a 15-member Board, and 15 founding companies—decides to focus on corporate contributions, community relations, and employee volunteer management. The Association for Corporate Contributions Professionals states a three-fold mission: Professional Education, Management Resources, and Advocacy.



Membership grows exponentially in the first two years, exceeding 100 within the first year of operating and expanding to 140 by 2007. With the growing membership base comes a need for professional staff, including a Director of Finance, Donna Kraemer and a Director of Member Services, Melinda Bostwick in 2006, and ACCP’s first President and CEO, Mark Shamley, in 2007.


ACCP continues to grow its membership base and launches its first online community, allowing the network of purpose-driven professionals to connect with each other and learn from each other in a virtual space. 


The 10th anniversary of Conference is celebrated with attendance topping out at nearly 240 attendees. ACCP publishes its first Benchmarking Survey.




The organization changes its name from Association of Corporate Contributions Professionals to Association of Corporate Citizenship Professionals, signaling an intentional broadening of its focus—and the field. ACCP increases full-time staff to seven to better serve its growing membership. 


Membership surges to more than 200 member companies. ACCP responds with new programming and offerings including annual regional meetings in 12 cities, the launch of more robust digital offerings for members, including more frequent webcasts, and the publication of an industry body of knowledge, The Corporate Citizenship Guide: Defining the Profession

In March 2018, ACCP hires Carolyn Berkowitz to serve as President and CEO. 


ACCP membership and conference attendance jumps to highest numbers in organization history, with 213 member corporations and 267 attendees at The Conference 2019. ACCP launches new brand—and accompanying website—to better reflect the energy and vibrancy of the field.