Kamilah L. Wimberly

Director of Business Operations

Kamilah L. Wimberly is the Director of Business Operations at ACCP. In this role, Kamilah works in concert with all members of the ACCP team, vendors, and stakeholders to drive people, financial, business, and operational strategies across the organization.

Kamilah brings nearly two decades of operations and strategy experience to ACCP. Having worked in every size organization from large international organizations with a global workforce to more intimate community groups, Kamilah uses data, project management, and change management to transform great visions into a meaningful reality.

Kamilah holds a B.S. in Psychology from Excelsior College, Lean Six Sigma Diversity and Inclusion Yellow Belt, and Data-Driven Decision-Making Certificate from PriceWaterhouseCoopers. In her free time, Kamilah volunteers with Motherful, a 'Mom-Profit' organization based in Columbus, OH that is committed to supporting, nurturing, and encouraging single mothers and their families by providing resources, a community, and education.


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