Defining the Corporate Citizenship Profession

If you're involved in corporate citizenship in some respect, then you know how different each role can be and that, historically, companies have engaged in corporate citizenship through different paths. Today, there is more consensus around the idea that corporate citizenship should be strategic in that it creates impactful effects in the community, benefits the business, and engages the workforce. 

As business leaders are increasingly prioritizing corporate citizenship as a vital role within the business, there is a need to define the core professional knowledge domains of the field. ACCP undertook this task, starting in 2016, and now corporate citizenship professionals and other stakeholders can access The Corporate Citizenship Guide: Defining the Profession.
“Demonstrating high value, social consciousness requires wide-ranging, ongoing efforts that define how and where a company can devote its resources to serve customers, employees and the community. The guide serves as a map for acquiring the knowledge required to meet the challenge of profit with purpose. It also provides guidance to companies who seek to start-up a corporate citizenship function,” shares Carolyn S. Berkowitz, President & CEO, ACCP.

This online and print resource will promote a clear understanding of the breadth of corporate citizenship knowledge, roles, and responsibilities while assisting corporate citizenship professionals in identifying opportunities to align business and social goals. It offers guidance in five critical areas: 

  • Corporate citizenship strategy and management
  • Community investment
  • Measurement
  • Employee experience
  • Operations

Each of these areas then contains multiple dimensions of expertise.
“This is the first comprehensive tool to help companies assess the expertise needed to build and elevate their citizenship function,” says Laura Coy, Director of Philanthropy Strategy and Vice President of the William Blair & Company Foundation. Coy also chairs the ACCP Board of Directors.
The Corporate Citizenship Guide: Defining the Profession will help businesses craft a framework that supports informed decisions and helps various disciplines work together to improve their companies and the world.

Have a look at The Guide here.