Eileen Buckley

Eileen Buckley

Senior Director, Corporate Responsibility

Eileen Buckley joined Stryker, a leading medical technology company, in 2020 to lead the company’s Corporate Responsibility (CR) efforts, including environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy and reporting. She is responsible for Stryker’s global CR initiatives in alignment with the company strategy and creating positive economic, social, environmental impacts. In her first year at Stryker, she advanced the company’s CR efforts working closely with investor relations, manufacturing, human resources, the corporate secretary and the c-suite to develop external facing goals, including around carbon reduction, responsible procurement, and diversity, equity and inclusion.

Prior to joining Stryker, Eileen was a director on PwC’s Corporate Responsibility team, where she spearheaded the firm’s signature commitment, a $320M investment in education, oversaw CR employee engagement, and advised clients on their CR strategies and programs. Earlier in her career, Eileen led PwC’s MBA recruiting for the Midwest and worked in project management and business development.

Originally from the Tampa Bay area, Eileen holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Florida and a Masters of Education in organizational and community development from Vanderbilt University. She is a board member of the Association of Corporate Citizenship Professionals (ACCP) and a frequent speaker on corporate responsibility and related topics. She resides in Chicago with her husband and three children.

ACCP Meets Eileen Buckley

What issues do you think will continue to be or become the most pressing in the near future? Why?

Diversity and inclusion and climate change. D&I is not a new issue, but we still have a long way to go. Progress must be made for our society and businesses to be successful. Shifting demographics will demand focus in this area. Climate change affects all sides of business and society – from risk mitigation and business continuity to ESG investing and globalization, the call to action for business will only get louder.

How has your background – personally and/or professionally – shaped your views on current events?

I worked in campus recruiting for 3 years. That experience shifted my views on equity and equality. The opportunity gap is a very real issue.

We know the route to becoming a CSR professional can be different for everyone. Can you briefly tell us how you ended up in the field?

I worked in a project management role where I developed sound technical skills and business acumen. The business owner of my main projects went on to be the CR leader for the firm. She gave me the opportunity to join her team because of the skills above and perhaps most importantly my relationship building skills.

What do you wish those outside the field knew about CSR?

It’s not just about giving and volunteering. It’s about finding innovative, forward-thinking ways to drive business and societal value.

What’s one work-related skill you’d like to develop, especially if you could do it easily?

Spanish; I’ve taken classes in school and while working, and I still struggle with my language skills.

What is the last book you read (or are currently reading)?

I make an effort to read and listen to books regularly. I’m reading The Education of an Idealist and just finished White Fragility.

What’s a favorite quote?

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” – Maya Angelou

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