Erica Bader

Erica Bader

Vice President of Content & Learning

Erica Bader is the Vice President for Content and Learning at ACCP. In this role, Erica is responsible for the learning opportunities and resources available to our community, designed to help members and CSR professionals gain new insights and grow their professional skills to maximize their company’s social impact. Erica has background in building and delivering management and leadership development programs, gained while working at the Crummer Graduate School of Business at Rollins College. She also has extensive experience as a Human Resources professional, primarily in the hospitality industry.

Erica enjoys college football, the beach, a Gilmore Girls marathon, and a well-placed Oxford comma. She has been known to organize her extensive pen collection by color, hoard office supplies, and work a quote from an 80s John Hughes movie into any conversation. She dabbles in meditation, cherishes her family and friends, and is forever behind on her To Be Read list.

Erica is based in Orlando, Florida, traditional territory of the Timucua and Seminole peoples.

Email Erica | (321) 430-1443