Champion for Change Nomination

2024 Award Application

The Champion for Change is a top-level executive from a major corporation (minimum $300M annual revenue) who uses their political capital, influence, and actions to drive buy-in, resources, and engagement from other executives, employees, and community leaders, advocate for the company’s ESG and corporate social impact work – but does not lead that work.

This award recognizes those who champion their company’s commitment to excellence in corporate social impact by advancing the business case, urging measurable results, and demonstrably committing to corporate social impact both inside and outside the company.

They are a true champion and advocate for the work, thereby creating company-wide adoption of the strategy; increasing financial, human, and in-kind resources; and providing thought leadership that advances the company’s social impact.

This leader is a senior executive in the company (CEO, CFO, or other C-Suite executives). While CSR and/or ESG may be one of the multiple functions reporting to this leader, there must be at least one or two levels between the CSR/ESG function and this leader (if those departments report to them) to qualify.

This leader shows commitment to driving their community forward by tackling and advancing relevant and current topical issues within CSR, ESG, and racial equity.

The individual can be an ACCP member or from a non-member company.

By submitting this application, you grant ACCP permission to use the information shared to create copy to announce and highlight the award recipient. The recipient will be highlighted in ACCP communications including, but not limited to, the ACCP website, ACCP social media, and in email communications.

Email with any questions.

The nomination period is April 30 - June 12, 2024.
Nominators will be notified in July 2024 on the status of their submission. 
Application Questions
Nominator Information
Relationship to Nominee:

Nominee Information:
Job Title:

Application Questions
Question #1:Please describe the nominee’s daily scope of responsibilities. (~50 words)

Question #2: Please describe how the nominee uses their political capital, influence and actions to be a champion for corporate social impact by specifically advocating for the success of the work and CSR team, including driving internal and external buy-in, recognition, and increased resources for the company’s social impact work. (~400 words)

Question #3: Please describe how they demonstrated thought leadership and/or provided business insights that resulted in the CSR and ESG strategies producing greater social impact? (~150 words)

Question #4: Please describe how they have influenced social impact efforts beyond your company (industry/region) by advocating outside the company to ensure the success of social impact initiatives, budget/resources and buy-in? (~100 words)

Question #5: Please describe specific actions that illustrate the nominee’s commitment to driving their community forward by tackling and advancing relevant and current topical issues within CSR, ESG, and racial equity.

Question #6: What is your company’s CSR reporting structure, and how does the nominee sit within that structure? (~ 100 words)

Question #7: Is the nominee a member of your company’s C-Suite?
Question #8: Please list other CSR and ESG efforts or organizations the nominee is involved in. These may include CECP, Business Roundtable, other CSR or ESG groups, or serving on local/national boards of directors. (~ 100 words)

Thank you for your submission.