Corporate Social Impact Team of the Year Nomination

2024 Award Application

The Corporate Social Impact Team of the Year is a team of social impact practitioners (minimum of 2 or more co-workers) whose collaborative and innovative approach to a CSR or ESG project or program generated significant business results for the company and social impact in the community.  

This award recognizes achievement in business results and social impact through an innovative and collaborative initiative by a corporate social impact or ESG team or group within the department. The team’s work results in an exceptional social impact, creating outcomes that can be shared inside and outside the company.  

This team works well together, collaborates across departments, and engages cross-functional partners and employees. Each team member is clear on their role and brings value to the team while supporting one another to ensure success.  

This team successfully solves problems and demonstrates resiliency as inevitable challenges or barriers arise. The team’s innovative approach helps drive success and incorporates diversity, equity, and inclusion to advance their work.  

Applicants are not required to be current members of ACCP. 

By submitting this application, you grant ACCP permission to use the information shared to create copy to announce and highlight the award recipient. The recipient will be highlighted in ACCP communications including, but not limited to, the ACCP website, ACCP social media, and in email communications.  

Email with any questions. 

The nomination period is April 30 - June 12, 2024.
Nominators will be notified in July 2024 on the status of their submission. 
Application Questions
Nominator Information
Relationship to Nominee:

Nominee Information:
Main Contact Name: (please choose only one person)
Main Contact Job Title:
Main Contact Phone:(please write only one phone number)
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Team Members: (please write names and emails)
Application Questions
Question #1: Please describe the exceptional initiative, and each team member’s scope, role, and responsibilities in its success. Please note: This initiative should have occurred within the past 12 months (~200 words)

Question #2: What specific collaboration processes and practices does the team use, among themselves and across the company, to achieve outstanding results? (~200 words)

Question #3: How is the team bringing innovative approaches or solutions to the initiative to drive success? (~100 words)

Question #4: Please specifically describe how the team incorporates the principles and practices of diversity, equity, and inclusion to their work. (~100 words)

Question #5: Describe examples of problem-solving and resilience as challenges or setbacks have arisen. (~100 words)

Question #6: Please share specific business and social impact results from this team’s efforts. (~100 words)

Thank you for your submission.