Trailblazer Nomination


The Trailblazer is a senior corporate social impact department leader whose governance, strategy, and programs demonstrate significant business and social impact over time. This leader can be the CSR/ESG department head, or a senior leader within that team who has significant strategic leadership responsibility. 

This leader is responsible for setting CSR and/or ESG strategy, influencing C-Suite and line of business executives, and leading the staff and/or cross-functional team of employees who execute on the department’s responsibilities. The person has broad decision-making authority, allocates some or all the department’s budget, engages and communicates results with internal and external stakeholders, and is a key spokesperson for the company’s social impact initiatives and/or purpose. 

This individual’s work produces measurable impact on social, environmental, or economic issues in the community and the business through exceptional leadership, expertise, innovation, and communication. The leader communicates an exceptional story of corporate social impact that builds influence and interest internally and externally. 

This leader is a problem solver who overcomes challenges and/or barriers to success and helps their team be resilient. 

This leader shows commitment to driving their community forward by tackling relevant and current topical issues within CSR, ESG, and racial equity.  

This individual may be an ACCP member or work in a non-member company. 

By submitting this application, you grant ACCP permission to use the information shared to create copy to announce and highlight the award recipient. The recipient will be highlighted in ACCP communications including, but not limited to, the ACCP website, ACCP social media, and in email communications.  

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The nomination period is April 30 - June 12, 2024.
Nominators will be notified in July 2024 on the status of their submission. 
Application Questions
Nominator Information
Relationship to Nominee:

Nominee Information:
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Application Questions
Question #1: Please describe the breadth and scope of the nominee’s role and responsibilities within the company. (~100 words)

Question #2: Please describe the CSR team’s reporting structure, and where the nominee sits within the structure. (~50 words)

Question #3: Is this person a senior leader?
Question #4: Please provide specific examples of how this leader has demonstrated expertise and innovation in their work that results in measurable impact in the community and in the company over the past year. Please include relevant measurable results. (~200 words)

Question #5: Please provide specific examples demonstrating this person’s exceptional leadership of the team and/or influence in the company to accomplish significant impact goals. Include any challenges or barriers to success that the leader has had to overcome to be successful, if relevant. (~100 words)

Question #6: Please describe how this leader is driving topical and relevant action forward on behalf of the company, e.g., social or environmental justice, equity, ESG, or other current societal priorities. (~ 100 words)

Thank you for your submission.