Annual Conference

Sponsors & Exhibitor Bingo Adventure


Thank you to the many organizations who provided financial support to make this year’s Conference possible. We encourage you to learn more about each of them in the Sponsor section of the App and visit our exhibitors during the Conference.

As a way to get to know our exhibitors – all highly regarded organizations that work with purpose-driven companies – we invite you to join our ACCP Exhibitor Adventure Bingo game. Fill a line with the correct exhibitor names for a chance to win a $50 gift card. Here’s how:

Pick Up Your Bingo Card

Find the designated table near the exhibitor area where you can pick up your ACCP Exhibitor Adventure Bingo card.

Time of Play

Monday, October 16 – 4:00 PM MT to Tuesday, October 17 – 6:00 PM MT

Visit the Exhibitors & Ask Questions

Visit all of our exhibitor tables. Each exhibitor will have representatives ready to answer your questions. Approach exhibitors and ask them the questions listed on your bingo card.

Identify the Correct Exhibitors

Pay attention to their responses as you ask questions and interact with exhibitors. If you find an exhibitor that matches the description or answers your question correctly, write their company name in the space on your bingo card that corresponds to the question.

Fill a Full Line

Your goal is to fill a line with the correct exhibitor names. You can achieve this by filling five consecutive spaces horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Put Your Name and Contact Information on the Back

Once you have successfully filled a full line on your bingo card, flip it over to the backside. Write your name and contact information clearly on the back of the card. This is important for verification and prize distribution.

Turn in Your Completed Card for Verification

Head to the table marked “ACCP Exhibitor Adventure” in the Grand Ballroom Foyer to submit your completed bingo card for verification. ACCP staff will randomly select cards to verify that the exhibitor names are correct. If your card is selected and all the exhibitor names on your card are accurate, you will be eligible to win one of (2) $50 gift cards. Please return your card to us by 6 PM on Tuesday, October 17, to be eligible to win.

ACCP Conference Exhibitors

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