CSR Marketplace Virtual 2024

 September 24-26, 2024

 CSR Marketplace Virtual is a series of virtual sessions hosted by a selection of ACCP’s trusted partners – all qualified experts in the corporate social impact field. Learn from their experience working and advising many purpose-driven companies. Each virtual session will be 50 minutes and provide guidance on a top-of-mind issue. Register for one or all, or any combination of sessions below. Sessions will be recorded. Attend the live session to benefit from the Q&A.

Session Descriptions

Leah Brody
Senior Managing Director
Changing Our World

Navigating Shifting Expectations Around Corporate Responsibility

September 24, 2024: 2:00 pm ET

We all know that consumers, employees, investors, and advocates expect companies to act responsibly and invest in building a better world. However, 2024 finds people – especially younger generations – more jaded, expectant, and apathetic about corporate commitments to society than ever before. In an age of increased transparency and stakeholder activism, how can companies continue to reap the rewards of corporate responsibility, such as trust, loyalty, endorsement, employee pride, and morale 

 In this session, Changing Our World will dig into the findings from their latest research report, The Authenticity Imperative, and provide actionable insights for corporate social impact professionals. We’ll dive into how to best navigate the current climate of skepticism and bridge the gap between corporate intentions and stakeholder perceptions. 

Amy Fiore, Managing Director of Sobel Bixel

Benjamin Salka, Co-Founder & CEO of Story Pirates

Employee Volunteer and Engagement Programs: Finding the Perfect Fit

September 24, 2024: 4:00 pm ET

Your colleagues are eager to make a difference but which volunteer programs will provide the perfect combination of high employee engagement and low administrative lift for your company? This session includes an exploration into the fundamental aim of a corporation’s philanthropic focus, a case study on the replicable and scalable corporate sponsorship program that saved their organization, and an interactive planning session devised for attendees to create a robust volunteer program for their corporation. 

Speakers Amy Fiore and Benjamin Salka will provide new ways of thinking about volunteer opportunities, create time to analyze which types of programs might be most impactful and appropriate, and equip attendees with the strategy they need to start making it happen. 


Jennifer Bahus, Vice President of Fidelity Philanthropic Consulting

Maeve Miccio, Vice President and Head of Fidelity Philanthropic Consulting

From Structure to Engagement: Establishing and Facilitating Effective Giving Committees

September 25, 2024: 12:00 pm ET

Whether you’re bringing together a group of senior leaders or representative employees, building a successful giving committee can bring visibility to your programs, diversify your decision-making, build deeper community connections, and create stronger outcomes. During this session, Maeve Miccio and Jennifer Bahus from Fidelity Philanthropic Consulting will draw on their industry expertise to reveal actionable ways companies like yours can: 

  • Structure a giving committee effectively 
  • Create clear roles and responsibilities 
  • Engage the committee through rewarding experiences 
  • Measure impact and success 
  • Leverage resources to drive efficiency 


Rich Maiore
CEO & Founder
Rocket Social Impact 

Engaging Hard-to-Reach Employees in CSR 

September 25, 2024: 1:30 pm ET

Hourly workers are the backbone of our economy, especially for industries such as manufacturing, QSR, retail, and hospitality. Despite making up a large percentage of the workforce, these frontline workers are historically under-leveraged by corporate social impact and volunteer programs.  

In this session, Rich Maiore, CEO of Rocket Social Impact, will share what has worked well to reach, incent, recognize, and reward frontline workers; new data on frontline employees’ preferences regarding volunteerism and engagement; how to rethink and renew your approach to them and how their efforts have not only boosted community engagement and impact but help support business priorities by bolstering recruitment, satisfaction, and retention. 

Alan Ranzer
Co-Founder, Managing Partner
Impact 4 Good

Incorporating CSR Initiatives into Company Annual Events: Leverage company events for social impact. 

September 25, 2024: 3:00 pm ET

CSR professionals handle requests from employee groups across the company, including ten person volunteer requests, company days of service,all-hands, sales kick-offs, holiday parties, incentive trips, and other annual events. 

In this informative session, we’ll provide guidance, best practices, and tips for incorporating CSR into traditional corporate events. These tools can help you leverage existing team gatherings to engage employees and drive meaningful impact for your causes. 

Amy Weiss, Founder and Executive Director at Undies for Everyone 

Laura Dandridge, Chevron Corporate Affairs Advisor of Houston Social Investment

Julie Lentzner Hayon, Director of Finance and Operations at Undies for Everyone

Charity Begins . . . In the Office

September 25, 2024: 4:30 pm ET

Expanding volunteer experiences inside the office brings unexpected benefits for differently-abled team members, hybrid remote workers, commuters who aren’t interested in more driving after arriving at the office. and employees who are just as happy to stay on-site.

Presenters will address opportunities and challenges to make on-site volunteering meaningful for employees and local beneficiaries while team leaders explore new options for their communities.

Jim Alvey, VP of Disaster Recovery at Good360

Madison Ayache, Vice President at CTW Events 

Diana Hicks, Founder and Executive Director of Can’d Aid 

Volunteerism ‘Easy Button’

September 26, 2024: 12:00 pm ET

Good360 – along with Can’d AID and Clean the World – will share ideas and capabilities that make it easy for CSR decision-makers to implement volunteerism events. This session will feature ideas and creative options in a collaborative panel that includes corporate partners. Attendees will hear do’s and don’ts of in-house and remote volunteer events. Programs discussed will include hygiene and clean up bucket kits, bike and skateboard builds, community murals and clean ups, solar power light builds, and more. Attendees will leave with creative options that can be easily implemented within a budget.

Sukhendra Rompally,
Founder & CEO

Role of AI in Personalizing Volunteering Experiences and Increasing Participation by 3X

September 26, 2024: 1:30 pm ET

Join us for an insightful virtual session exploring the transformative power of AI in personalizing the volunteerism experience. Featuring Sukhendra, founder & CEO of Chezuba, alongside three leading CSR experts, this panel discussion will delve into how AI technology can align volunteerism opportunities with employees’ unique skills, passions, and locations. Discover how AI can triple participation, enhancing employee engagement and making a more significant community impact. Don’t miss this chance to learn about the future of AI in CSR! 


Sheena Agarwal, Chief Partnerships Officer

Monica Carrillo Zegarra, Director – Latin America

Kady Sylla, Director – Africa

Voices from the Frontline: Maximizing Corporate Philanthropic Impact in Disaster Relief Through Localized Giving

September 26, 2024: 3:00 pm ET

As disasters become more prevalent, philanthropic giving can be an essential lifeline for the most vulnerable populations in catastrophe-stricken regions. However, effective response depends on critical local partnerships with responders who are centered in affected communities. Join Myriad USA’s Sheena Agarwal, Chief Partnerships Officer, and one of Myriad USA’s local disaster response partners to learn about localizing your response efforts and ways to preposition and streamline philanthropic giving to maximize impact during crises. 

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