Strategic Plan 2023-2028

In March of 2022, ACCP’s Board of Director’s approved a new five-year strategic plan that will serve as our road map to ensure the ACCP community is fully prepared and successful in the years ahead.

Our vision is a more equitable, sustainable and prosperous society strengthened by corporate, community and stakeholder alignment. Through four new strategic pillars we’ll build on ACCP’s strengths and the aspects of ACCP membership most valued, while being responsive to the times and making bold commitments necessary to advance the effectiveness of corporate social impact.

The four strategic pillars that will guide us are:

Advance Knowledge & Practice

Equip professionals with the knowledge needed to catalyze change for long-term success in their companies and communities.


Foster Community

Foster a supportive, inclusive and reciprocal peer community that maximizes connections and learning.


Advance Equity

Increase the diversity and inclusiveness of the field and promote equitable practices to maximize social impact and business success.


Advocate for the Profession

Amplify data and messages that elevate the vital role of corporate social impact* professionals.


* For the purposes of this document we are using the terms “corporate social impact”, “corporate social responsibility (CSR)”, and “corporate citizenship” interchangeably.
+DEIB = Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging; ESG = Environmental, Social, Governance

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