ACCP Member Get-A-Member Campaign

Member referrals are our #1 source of new members. We greatly appreciate and encourage members to help spread the word about the value you derive from ACCP’s welcoming and helpful community of peers, and our programs and resources.

Participate in our 2021 Member-Get-A-Member Campaign!​

For a limited time – through August 30, 2021 – you can earn a reward for every new member you help to recruit to ACCP.

Recruit one new member

Earn a complimentary registration to an upcoming ACCP Summit (choose from DEI Summit in June or Impact Measurement Summit in August). The Summit registration can be used by anyone on the CSR team. Value = $395

Recruit three new members

Earn a complimentary registration to the 2021 Corporate Citizenship Conference. Choice between the Houston Conference (contingent on space availability) or Virtual Conference. Conference registration can be used by anyone on the CSR team. Value = up to $2,400

Be sure to tell your friends and peers to let ACCP know they learned about the association through you when they join!

Why participate?

There is strength in numbers. As the ACCP Community grows, the information shared by community members becomes richer. More people to learn from. More people to lean on for help. More people to connect with. More robust benchmarking data. Helping to build the ACCP Community results in a greater ROI from your membership.

Advance corporate citizenship, the impact companies are making in community, and the issues you care most about. ACCP strengthens the effectiveness of corporate citizenship professionals and CSR programs. A growing ACCP community translates into greater impact in the communities and the issues you care most about.

What to do

  • Review the ACCP Member Company list to identify who in your network is not currently an ACCP member.
  • Share your personal story. Think about what you value about ACCP and share that in your own words: Connections you’ve made, things you’ve learned, resources you use. Click here for a selection of member testimonials that you can use for inspiration.
  • Personalize and forward this email message template.
  • Post one of our sample social media posts.
  • Share why you value ACCP during informal conversations with peers and encourage them to learn more.
  • Forward the latest edition of ACCP’s weekly email, The Wrap, and encourage those in your network to create an account on the ACCP website to receive the Friday email as well.
  • Offer to introduce your friends/peers to an ACCP staff member so they can learn more.
  • Don’t forget to tell your friends/peers to let ACCP know that they learned about ACCP through you. There is a referral field in the online membership application or they can share the information during their first onboarding call.

Have Questions?

Vice President of Membership, Marketing & Communications