Elevating ESG: An ACCP Summit

Elevating ESG: An ACCP Summit
Interactive Online Program


The importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) for your company is more apparent today than ever before. Understanding how ESG adds value or creates risk for your company is crucial for corporate social impact professionals as you balance strategic priorities with building and influencing a robust ESG function. Join us at Elevating ESG: An ACCP Summit to inspire, integrate, and elevate your company’s ESG strategy.  

Learning Outcomes: 

  1. INSPIRATION: Gain an understanding of the current trends and critical issues affecting ESG programs and how different industry experts are building and adapting their programs to adjust to changing needs and priorities.
  2. INTEGRATION: Take key findings and deep dive with peers incorporating them into your current CSR work and your organization’s material issues. 
  3. ELEVATION: Walk away with a practical action plan to take your program to the next level. 

Who Should Attend:

  • Corporate Citizenship leaders looking for strategic approaches to align CSR and ESG efforts. 
  • Corporate social impact leaders assigned to implement an ESG program. 
  • Corporate sustainability leaders motivated to drive impact through cross-functional collaboration with other lines of business. 

Summit Topics:

  • ESG Round-Up: Regulation, Reporting, and Rankings 
  • Resiliency Despite Uncertainty: Navigating Business Shifts and Budget Cuts 
  • Maintaining Momentum for the Movement: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion  
  • Environmental Workshop: Finding Your Data and Beginning the Greenhouse Gases (GHG) Journey 
  • Social Workshop: E is for Employees: Engaging Staff and Defining Your “S” Metrics 
  • Governance Workshop: Managing Across Legal, Compliance, and Finance Teams 


  • ACCP Members: $395
  • Nonprofit partners of ACCP member companies: $395 (you will need to input your partner contact/company during registration)
  • Non-ACCP Members: $595

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Eileen Buckley
VP, Corporate Responsibility and ESG Strategy

Monique Carswell
Director, Center for Racial Equity

Jennifer Deitloff
VP, Senior Associate General Counsel and Chief Diversity Officer

Kathy Gu
Purpose Partnership Lead

Nisha Kadaba
Senior Manager, Global Social Impact

Paige LaCour
Senior Philanthropy Strategy Associate
William Blair 

Tina Lee
Director, Social Impact & Sustainability

Tanya Macedo
DEI Consultant

Catherine McGlown
SVP, ESG, Communications & Brand

Erika Murdock Balbuena
Head of ESG

Deidra Parish Williams
Global Corporate Citizenship Leader Trane Technologies

Sandy Pierantoni
Director, Global ESG Strategy & Initiatives
LKQ Corporation

Irvine Sloan
Navigating Grey

Jennifer Waldner
Chief Sustainability Officer

Detailed Agenda

Tuesday, April 11

1:00-1:40 PM
Welcome, Introductions
Session: ESG Round-Up: Regulation, Reporting, and Rankings
1:40-1:50 PM
1:50-2:40 PM

Environmental Workshop: Finding Your Data and Beginning the GHG Journey

As your company’s ESG program gets off the ground, the complexity of finding data, leveraging internal stakeholders, and partnering with outside firms/vendors can quickly become overwhelming. Learn how these companies approached their GHG journey, integrated their CSR efforts into their environmental strategy, and tips for getting started.


  • Tina Lee, Director, Head of Social Impact & Sustainability at Dropbox 
  • Erika Murdock Balbuena, Head of ESG at Robinhood 
  • Sandy Pierantoni, Director, Global ESG Strategy & Initiatives at LKQ 
2:40-2:50 PM
2:50-3:25 PM

Maintaining Momentum for the Movement: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity as a lens for business success is experiencing mixed messages. Investors have seen the data to validate diversity as an important focus, yet some companies are cutting staff. While others are trying to evolve their strategy as we enter the next phase of the external social justice movement. What internal best practices can professionals do to set a vision for their company and the field?

MODERATOR: Kathy Gu, Purpose Partnerships, Social Impact and Philanthropy at Pinterest  


  • Monique Carswell, Director, Center for Racial Equity at Walmart 
  • Tanya Macedo, DEI Consultant 
3:25-3:50 PM
Breakout Discussions on DEI Panel
3:50-4:00 PM
Closing Thoughts and Questions

Wednesday, April 12

1:00-1:05 PM
Day 2 Welcome and Recap of Day 1 Takeaways
1:05-1:55 PM

Governance Workshop: Managing Across Legal, Compliance, and Finance Teams

Developing a good working relationship across internal teams is vital to the success of CSR and ESG programs. Learn new strategies for building cross-functional teams and managing across multiple stakeholders to amplify your impact, gain buy-in, and move strategy and reporting forward.


  • Eileen Buckley, Vice President, Corporate Responsibility and ESG Strategy at Stryker 
  • Jennifer Deitloff, Vice President, Senior Associate General Counsel at Scoular 
  • Jennifer Waldner, Chief Sustainability Officer, AIG 
1:55-2:00 PM
2:00-2:35 PM

Social Workshop: Engaging Staff and Defining Your “S” Metrics

How do we define the “S” in ESG? Employee engagement is just one piece of the “S” but we can track so much more than participation rates. Learn strategies for how companies can involve employees in the design and implementation of their CSR efforts which can lead to engagement, retention, and greater community impact.


  • Nisha Kadaba, Sr. Manager, Global Social Impact at PagerDuty  
  • Paige LaCour, Senior Philanthropy Strategy Associate at William Blair 
  • Deidra Parish Williams, Global Corporate Citizenship Leader at Trane Technologies 
2:35-3:00 PM
Breakout Discussions on Employee Engagement Panel
3:00-3:10 PM
3:10-3:45 PM

Resiliency Despite Uncertainty: Future Proof Your Function
CSR and ESG teams have always been vulnerable to budget cuts, especially during economic certainty. In this fireside chat, you’ll hear best practices for building relationships and making the business case early and often.


  • Catherine McGlown, Senior Vice President, ESG, DEI, Communications and Brand, Pathward
  • Irvine Sloan, CEO of Navigating Grey
3:45-4:00 PM
Closing Thoughts & Action Planning

Agenda is subject to change.

Previous attendees say...

"It was great to have both panel presentations, live Q&A, and break-out sessions. Kept the momentum of the meeting and energy level high."

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“A very timely topic, fantastic insight.”

“Very well thought out agenda with relevant and timely topics. Time well spent.”
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