America’s Charities Engage Powered by SmartSimple

Technology Solutions

America’s Charities Engage powered by SmartSimple is the world’s first end-to-end giving and CSR solution that tells the complete picture of your global impact – all on one platform. From corporate grant-making, volunteering, and workplace giving to measuring, evaluating, and sharing your combined impact, Engage is the most comprehensive and flexible solution for streamlining all of your community programs and maximizing your investments.

Engage combines SmartSimple’s cutting-edge SaaS technology, Platform3, on the front end with America’s Charities’ best-in-class customer support and funds management on the back end, providing companies with one comprehensive, flexible platform that helps businesses develop their culture, recruit and retain talent, engage their workforce, recognize and reward employees, support their community, achieve social impact – and even enhance their profitability.

Engage is built on SmartSimple’s cloud-based Platform3 technology, preferred by 400 leading organizations worldwide, and is supported by Americas’ Charities’ 40 years of expertise helping organizations meet their giving and engagement goals. One solution brings two experts together to optimize your experience and social impact.