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Catchafire, a certified B Corporation, is the leader in virtual volunteering, sitting at the intersection of employee experience and corporate philanthropy. 
Building a robust employee volunteer program is necessary in the modern workplace. We make it easy to provide and track skills-based volunteering opportunities with immediate impact to your employees — and simultaneously support nonprofits working in communities you care about. In fact, 89% of volunteers plan to stay in touch with a nonprofit after their first volunteer experience on Catchafire. On average, employees get matched with a nonprofit in less than 7 days. 
Catchafire is trusted by Fortune 500 companies across retail, pharmaceuticals, banking, and media because we work together to rally employees, shareholders, and customers to give back to causes they care about. 
After more than a decade of expertise, our team has helped nonprofits create over $200 million dollars in value, with over 1 million volunteer hours donated in service of supporting communities. 
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