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DonorDrive turns your employees into powerful fundraisers with innovative digital fundraising solutions. Modern CSR fundraising transforms your workforce from donors to active participants in creating change with your company.

A successful employee giving initiative is one that includes a benefiting charity(ies) that is important to your company and employees, a robust CSR and engagement strategy driven by engaging technology, and modern, virtual fundraising tools that help you execute a well-orchestrated corporate giving campaign and celebrate the collective impact the organization made together.

  • Ignite employee engagement and offer a compelling and interactive experience while supporting meaningful causes. With personalized coaching, social media integrations, and gamification, your employees will engage for social good and spread the word.
  • Quickly respond in times of need. When global events or social causes arise, you need to react quickly. Create beautifully branded, mobile-first fundraising websites in minutes to showcase your impact.
  • Reach remote and global teams. Engage employees with live streaming opportunities. With Twitch and YouTube integrations, your chosen cause can receive real-time donations during the live stream.
  • Gain access to the total impact of your organization, across departments and initiatives, with robust reporting. More than just dollars raised and donated, track employee activations to amplify your ESG and CSR metrics. Create an engaged community focused on a cause with tailored donation campaigns, peer-to-peer fundraising events, teams and gamification, native mobile app, digital wallet payment options, activity tracking, and live streaming.


Tom Tierney
Account Executive


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