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Groundswell is your complete social impact operating system and is the highest rated CSR platform on (as of Spring 2024). Groundswell provides a fully unified experience across employee giving, volunteering, and emergency hardship funds. 

 Groundswell approaches every customer interaction and each new feature through the lens of three promises: to delight admins, drive engagement, and deliver impact. This relentless commitment has resulted in a platform with unparalleled usability. 

 With its focus on delivering impact, Groundswell has introduced the market’s fastest donation disbursement timelines. The platform matches funds instantly and distributes the donation and match together within 24 hours. Utilizing more modern payment rails, Groundswell has also been able to lower its distribution fee form the 3-5% industry standard to a flat 1%.     

In looking to drive higher rates of engagement, Groundswell has focused on modern UX/UI design that looks and feels familiar to employees. Its native-mobile app has not only unlocked a “give on the go” option, but also leveled the playing field for companies with large deskless workforces, previously locked out from participating in corporate giving and volunteering programs. 

Admins will be delighted to learn that Groundswell empowers them with intuitive functionality that unlocks their ability to manage their programs from start to finish, without the need for customer support. Any basic task an admin is looking to perform – from launching a campaign, to creating a volunteer event, to running a report – will take less than two minutes on Groundswell. Our data API will ensure that you can access your data in real-time to build reports in your company’s internal dashboards, providing a richer, branded reporting experience. 

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