Myriad USA

Professional Services (firm level) 16+ employees

Myriad USA brings together the expertise of the King Baudouin Foundation United States (KBFUS) and Give2Asia, two longtime partners, to provide the leading resource for philanthropic giving overseas. A trusted advisor to donors seeking to support their favorite causes, anywhere across the globe, we offer a variety of services to our corporate donors including Donor advised funds, Disaster Response funds and Corporate Plus Advisory Services tailored to the specific needs of each donor.  

Others are active in the field of international giving, so what makes us different? Myriad USA is built on a better, more generous model that leverages local expertise and prioritizes flexibility. All our corporate partners are supported by a dedicated corporate team, with relationship managers able to steward any needs across a global portfolio. With Myriad USA, corporate donors can count on a knowledgeable, responsive, one-stop shop for their international grantmaking needs at fee rates that are competitive and transparent. 


Sheena Agarwal
Chief Partnerships Officer
(628) 400-5756


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