Story Pirates Changemakers

Employee Volunteerism

Story Pirates is a renowned educational media company that brings together top comedians, musicians, designers, best-selling authors, and incredible teachers to amplify the words, ideas and stories of kids on the world stage. Our aim is to nurture and inspire the big thinkers, dreamers, and creative problem solvers of tomorrow.

To serve the mission of Story Pirates Changemakers, the nonprofit arm of Story Pirates, we teach and inspire creative writing through high-quality literacy programs and creative content for under-resourced elementary students. We then collect stories written by kids and adapt their ideas into sketch comedy and music, which continues the cycle of motivating kids to write and believe their words, ideas and unique perspectives matter. No matter how wide Story Pirates’ reach grows through our media projects, Story Pirates Changemakers exists to ensure that our reach into under-resourced communities and programming deepens at the same pace.


Amy Fiore
Director of Development


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