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Every year your company invests millions of dollars in cash, volunteerism, and in-kind donations to help support philanthropic causes it truly cares about. The problem is, charities lack standardized outcome metrics, making it impossible to determine which initiatives have the greatest impact. 

At True Impact, we know you want to be a leader who improves the world and has confidence your company’s donations are making a difference. An expert who has the data to demonstrate the value of your charitable activities, not just to your board, but to all of your stakeholders. And a visionary that guides future decisions to best meet your goals.

Yet, measuring impact can feel too complex, too expensive, or too time-consuming given your limited resources. We understand how frustrating it is to lack the data that demonstrates the value your philanthropic programs are generating and guides your future donations to maximize results. That’s why we created the first and only platform to combine turnkey simplicity with expert support to generate the data you need to prove and improve the impact of all your philanthropy — without overburdening your team or your nonprofit partners.

So, request a demo today, and join us in improving the world!

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Watch True Impact’s CSR Marketplace Webinar (2021)


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Director of Sales and Business Development


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