Getting out the Vote: 2020’s Imperative for Good Corporate Citizenship

ACCP Staff

Influential stakeholders – employees, customers, communities, and celebrity opinion leaders – expect companies to take leadership in supporting the 2020 US election process in a non-partisan way. Employees in particular want their employers to support registration, provide access to voting information, and give time-off to vote and help others get to the polls virtually or in person. Support for the election will be a key benchmark in how your company is judged as a corporate citizen in 2020.

Steve Rochlin, IMPACT ROI recently moderated a panel discussion for ACCP members on suggested practices, the business case, and expectations for civic engagement, featuring Joey Wozniak, Vote Early Day; Berenice Murguia, Center for Secure and Modern Elections; and Stephen Massey, The Civic Alliance.

Tune in to the full discussion below.

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