Statement Against Racism from ACCP

June 2, 2020

As an association of purpose-driven professionals from 225 of the nation’s most socially responsible companies, ACCP stands with Black, Latino, and other underrepresented people who know all too well the pain and consequences of structural racism.

We share the grief and outrage of fellow Americans exacerbated by the senseless attacks on George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Botham Jean, Freddie Gray, and countless others whose lives have been tragically taken by brutality and racism.

The corporate citizenship leaders of our member companies are skilled in building relationships with communities and multiple stakeholders. Our members help CEOs and other executives think through active responses and actions that will advance justice, opportunity, and equity.

Our nation is burning – with the fevers of coronavirus, the fires of protest, and the fury over civic and economic injustice. We must unite to rebuild our nation with systems that are just and equitable. As corporate citizenship professionals, we commit to using our skills, influence, and resources to root out racism in all of its forms and support positive change in our communities and our nation.

Brands Respond to Racial Injustice

ACCP created a Racial Justice Resource Center, which includes information on corporate response to racial injustice, information for grantmakers, and more.

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