Making the Case for CSR

Winter 2020–2021

Making the Case is an easy-to-use toolkit that helps corporate citizenship professionals build a compelling, data-driven business case for the value of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

The 10-page online toolkit contains research data from ACCP as well as other highly reputable CSR researchers, nonprofits, and foundations including, but not limited to: Chief Executives for Corporate Purpose (CECP), Deloitte, Edelman, Morgan Stanley Institute for Sustainable Investing, National Association of Corporate Directors, Rocket Social Impact, and World Economic Forum. Data from the toolkit can be incorporated into internal and external presentations, speeches, and proposals.



70% of millennials say they have changed their purchasing habits in support of causes or social issues of interest, while 72% of Gen Z consider a company’s purpose when deciding what to buy. [Achieve and the Case Foundation, 2020]


Research shows 88% of employees believe companies must focus on purpose and not just profit. [Cone Communications, 2020]

C-Suite/Board Members

80% of CEOs believe business has more of a responsibility than ever to address pressing social and environmental issues. [Porter Novelli, 2020]


75% of investors say sustainable investments have become more important to them over the last five years, driven by the younger generations. [Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, 2019]

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