About ACCP

Advancing the field of corporate citizenship

Our Why

The Association of Corporate Citizenship Professionals (ACCP) is the membership association for purpose-driven companies, and a career-long resource for corporate citizenship professionals.

ACCP advances the field of corporate citizenship and serves as a strategic resource for its community of impact-minded professionals so they can do the most good—in their companies, their communities, and around the world.

Our 200+ member companies—representing all sizes including many Fortune 500 companies—gain access to some of the field’s most practical insights, relevant tools, and meaningful connections that help them identify and understand trends, improve their results, and expand their impact.

Action, On Purpose

At ACCP, we believe in action, on purpose. We equip professionals with the tools to act purposefully within their companies. Companies are stronger when they are authentically and consistently invested in creating sustainable impact and community well-being.

Shared Practice Informs Best Practice

At ACCP, we believe shared practice informs best practice. ACCP is a community of impact-minded professionals invested in building a better world. We challenge each other—and our companies—to evolve traditional corporate citizenship practices, and to drive value for their businesses and communities.

Our Mission

ACCP empowers corporate citizenship leaders to improve the world and strengthen their companies.

Our Vision

A world where corporations leverage their resources to improve society.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Inclusion & Equity

As a leading social responsibility membership organization, supporting diversity, inclusion, and equity is a priority for ACCP.

Our community of members, staff, and other key stakeholders comprise ACCP’s most valuable assets. The differences, life and work experiences, knowledge, self-expression, unique capabilities, and talent of our members, employees, vendors, and customers strengthen ACCP and contribute to fulfillment of our mission.

At ACCP, we foster and uphold a culture of dialogue and respect for all ideas. We take deliberate actions to ensure there are no barriers to full participation and equal opportunity for all and without bias.

We expect, without exception, that all who work for, volunteer with or participate with ACCP treat one another with dignity and respect at all times in all ACCP-related interactions. Anyone who believes they have been subjected to any kind of behavior that conflicts with our Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Policy should contact the ACCP CEO or Human Resources Officer or refer to ACCP’s Whistleblower Policy.

Any ACCP leader, employee, member, board member, vendor or customer who exhibits inappropriate conduct or behavior with respect to ACCP’s Diversity, Inclusion & Equity policy may be subject to action as outlined in ACCP’s Bylaws and Employee Handbook.

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