ACCP Delegates

What is an ACCP Member Delegate?

Each ACCP member company is asked to designate a primary point of contact for its ACCP membership. This primary point of contact is referred to as a delegate.

ACCP Member Delegates serve as the primary liaison between the member company and ACCP.

Responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring that payments related to membership, events, and other ACCP related activities are processed in a timely fashion.
  • Ensuring the member company’s Benchmarking Directory profile is updated at least once per calendar year. ACCP will ask you to review your company listing at the time of renewal and may request the delegate to review the benchmarking directory profile at least one other time during the year.
  • Ensuring that all professionals within your corporate citizenship and/or corporate philanthropy team have an ACCP account and are receiving regular ACCP communications. Instructions can be found here. There is no limit to the number of employees that can utilize a company’s membership, and we encourage members to include all employees involved in CSR, corporate philanthropy, DEI, ESG, and other functions that contribute to the company’s CSR strategy, such as corporate communications, HR, and others.
  • Sharing information about ACCP programs and resources with members of your CSR and corporate philanthropy team members.
  • Identifying who on your team will use the one complimentary “seat” to the annual conference that is included in your company’s membership.
  • Attend or designate a proxy to attend the association’s annual meeting.
  • Cast your company’s one vote when members are asked to vote to approve the annual slate of new ACCP Board of Directors. 

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