Membership Media Kit

Sample Email Template:

Hi [name], 

[Personalize in some way] 

I’m reaching out today to ensure you know about the Association for Corporate Citizenship Professionals (ACCP). Our company is a member, and I find their supportive peer network, practical programs, and on-demand resources indispensable to my work. I believe you and your team would also benefit from being part of this incredible community. 

ACCP is the only membership organization in our field led by CSR & ESG professionals. Everyone I’ve met through ACCP is willing to share their experiences and offer guidance.  

ACCP helps me learn how other companies respond to the changing landscape and connects me with practical resources and professional development opportunities around trending topics. The peer network and ACCP’s knowledgeable staff are like an extension of our team, allowing us to do more and have a more significant impact.  

You can learn more about ACCP membership here 

If you don’t already receive their weekly email, The Wrap, I suggest you sign up to receive it. It’s a free and easy way to stay updated on CSR & ESG initiatives and news and learn about upcoming programs.   

I’m happy to share more about my experience with ACCP if you are interested.  

I truly believe you and your team would benefit from ACCP’s community, programs, and resources. Let me know how I can help you learn more. 

All the best, 

[your name]

Sample Social Posts

Please customize these so they sound authentic and from your voice. 

Please feel free to customize these so they sound authentic and from your voice.

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