Companies Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month

ACCP Staff

As May marks AAPI Heritage Month, it’s a great time for businesses and organizations to celebrate the unique contributions of Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) people to our communities.

Who makes up the AAPI community?

According to the Asian Pacific Institute, the AAPI community includes “all people of Asian, Asian American, or Pacific Islander ancestry.” The AAPI experience is a diverse one and includes over 100 languages and nearly 50 ethnic groups.

Approximately 16.6 million AAPI individuals live in the U.S., making up about 5% of the population – a number expected to grow to almost 10% by 2050.

What can my company do?

From increasing visibility by celebrating AAPI Heritage Month in your workplace to providing support specifically tailored towards the needs of the AAPI community, there are many important ways that companies can show their commitment to cultural diversity.

Here are a few actionable steps your organization can take toward celebrating AAPI Heritage Month:

Below are just a few examples of what our ACCP member companies are doing:

  • Stryker has a featured donation opportunity set up on their giving platform, and their DEI team works with their ACE Employee Resource Group (ERG) to put on programming and communications throughout the month.
  • MetLife is partnering with their Asian Professionals Network to identify and implement volunteer projects that benefit Asian communities and foster greater understanding of the culture.
  • LPL Financial’s Asians@LPL ERG, in collaboration with Employee Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging, will be hosting events designed to commemorate AANHPI Heritage Month. Events for employees to participate in include a geography challenge, a fundraising event that focuses on Japanese eating, a virtual tour of Asia, and a volunteer opportunity at the San Diego Food Bank.
  • T. Rowe Price highlights a few of their AAPI employees, sharing their thoughts on the importance of advancing leaders through opportunity

These are just a few ways companies can celebrate AAPI Heritage Month. When designing your company’s action plan, remember to center and amplify the voices of the AAPI community throughout the year.

Please share with us what your company is doing in recognition of AAPI Heritage Month!

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