COVID-19 Resources

Supporting India

Here are resources shared by ACCP members to support COVID relief efforts in India.

COVID-19 Impact on CSR

ACCP and Rocket Social Impact shared industry survey findings and insights on COVID-19’s impact on the corporate citizenship field.

Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

Offering a variety of volunteer opportunities is one way to ensure that employees or community members find at least one thing in which they’d feel comfortable participating. Has your organization thought about incorporating virtual activities for your remote staff or supporters?

COVID-19 Relief

To inform its efforts and those of policymakers, Direct Relief's research team is producing information and analysis tools to predict transmission and understand the effectiveness of social distancing and other measures.

Company Foundations

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has forced many businesses to significantly curtail operations or temporarily close doors. As a result, many individuals may find themselves out of work, and families across the country are struggling with the effects of a sudden, sharp downturn in the economy.

Nonprofit Board Duties

As boards determine how best to navigate virtually unprecedented scenarios, there are steps they can take to best discharge their oversight responsibilities and decision-making roles on behalf of the nonprofits they serve.

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