The Business ROI of Social Investing (BROI)

Enhance your corporate citizenship programs to generate more value and impact for your business and community.

C-Suite executives, investors, and stakeholders are no longer satisfied by “Corporate Citizenship-as-usual.” They all expect corporate citizenship to generate impact as defined by the key performance indicators (KPIs) they prioritize. Now and into the future, corporate citizenship must adopt good practices that support financial performance and positive community impact. The pathbreaking research conducted by IMPACT ROI found that companies that align their social investment approaches to business strategy, and authentically commit to optimize the impact of social investments in communities, can realize their goals and deliver financial and business value.

Through the Business ROI of Social Investing (BROI), the Association of Corporate Citizenship Professionals and IMPACT ROI, LLC provide companies with in-depth analysis and custom recommendations to improve the impact and value of corporate citizenship programs and align programs with business performance. BROI began with an inaugural cohort of leading companies—including ArcelorMittal, BD, Kellogg Company, KPMG, Novo Nordisk, Southwest Airlines, Symantec, and WWE—who sought to understand the potential ROI created by social investments.

Companies that adopt the BROI good practice framework outperform other companies in the market by 117%. Companies that successfully complete the program are better equipped to reach their social investment goals, increase productivity, and sales. Additional proven results include boosting share price and market value by as much as 6%, enhancing brand and/or reputation worth up to 11% of the firm’s value, increasing sales by up to 20%, and more.