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General Session

Creating the Future, Together

Shawn Kanungo

Today, we are undergoing a paradigm shift as the world becomes more dynamic, intertwined, and unpredictable. Organizations must develop an ecosystem approach to innovation, leveraging talent inside and outside the company to navigate the future. 

Shawn Kanungo provides a bold, unique, contrarian view of the near-term future. He outlines disruptive forces impacting every industry (AI, Digital Business Models, etc.). He then explores how organizations can become more adaptable, experimental, and collaborative. 

Weaving together storytelling, humor, inspiration, and actionable takeaways, audiences will walk away with a roadmap on how to disrupt themselves before someone else does and how organizations can create a brighter future together.


The Current State of CSR: Is ESG Taking Over? What’s the Future for Both?

The social impact sector is full of contradictions and often does not operate with a standard set of definitions. With ESG taking center stage, both in criticism and impending regulations for corporations, what is the state of CSR? Do both exist at the corporate level? Is CSR being acquired by ESG, or are companies even shying away from using terms like ESG, given the recent news backlash? During this debate-style session, hear from voices in the field and gain insight into conversations at the corporate level regarding structure, emphasis, and the future of corporate social impact. 

Let Voices In: Participatory Practices in Action

“Participatory Practices” is a buzzy term that’s been thrown around in social impact for several years, but what does this truly look like when placed into action? How can organizations incorporate this into their work more while being mindful of the pitfalls but open to the possibility? This panel discussion will highlight organizations that have opened lines of communication internally through ERGs or Volunteer Council programs and externally by bringing diverse community voices to the table to assess and inform their processes and work. 

Integrating with ESG: Human Rights Due Diligence, Supplier Diversity Programs & Other Initiatives

Whether they live separately or together at your organization, the work of social impact can and should support ESG efforts enterprise-wide. While this intersection is not always well defined, human rights due diligence and supplier diversity are two areas where overlap can exist, and both have been in the recent spotlight. Hear how these organizations collaborate across the company and use their social impact programs to advance their companies’ ESG goals. 

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