Annual Conference

Host a Community Convening

*Pre-Registration Required* 

Interested in having fun while also bringing together a group of your peers around a specific topic of interest, shared identity, or passion while at Conference? Become a Community Convening host! 

Hosts are responsible for selecting a topic and activity (dinner, bowling, coffee, run, yoga, art class, book club, cocktails, etc.), making a reservation (if necessary), and facilitating group introductions on site.  Please note each individual attendee is responsible for the cost of their activity and registration is limited to 10 people per group. This program is only open to CSR practitioners. 

Here are the available times:
  • Sunday, September 8 after 7:00pm PDT
  • Monday, September 9 after 7:30pm PDT
  • Tuesday, September 10 before 8:00am PDT
  • Tuesday, September 10 after 3:00pm PDT 

If you are interested in hosting a Community Convening, please fill the form below. The deadline to become a host is July 8.  

If you have questions about becoming a host or want to brainstorm ideas prior to registering, please connect with Hillary Roviaro.

Thank you for your submission.