Certifications, Degrees, and Educational Programs for CSR Leaders

Lacey Gaitan, VP of Content and Learning

As the Vice President of Content & Learning for ACCP, it may not surprise you to know that I love to learn! In fact, “Learner” is my #1 strength on the CliftonStrengths report, followed not too far by “Input.” This means I’m very drawn to learning and enjoy collecting information.

This is a fitting strength as my team and I are charged with developing learning opportunities and educational resources to help corporate social impact professionals gain new insights, grow their professional skills, and advance the effectiveness of their CSR efforts.

I consistently hear one question from both those looking to enter the field and those looking to grow in the field: “What certificate, degree, or educational program is there for CSR leaders?” Personally, here are a few that I have benefitted from participating in:

There are many more virtual and in-person courses; some are free, some charge and all have different time commitments. So, whether you are a “learner” like me or merely looking for an opportunity to grow professionally, here are some courses, programs, and educational opportunities for social impact professionals to consider.

Courses for those looking to learn more about corporate social impact:

For those in their first one to three years of experience in the corporate citizenship field, check out ACCP’s Forum: A CSR Intensive (April 8-11, 2024).

Courses for those looking to learn more about ESG and Sustainability:

Elevating ESG: An ACCP Summit

Looking for more? Greenbiz posted a great article with 40 sustainability certifications!

Courses for those looking to learn more about DEI:

Social Impact degree opportunities:



Loyola University Chicago:

University of Wisconsin:


What courses or learning opportunities have you participated in that we’re missing? Please send me a note at Lacey@accp.org with other programs you would recommend or have benefitted from, so we can continue to grow this list together! Sharing knowledge with our community is the foundation of our work here at ACCP, and I look forward to learning alongside you.

Thank you for your submission.