Data & Research

ACCP conducts, curates, and distributes research findings on corporate social impact trends and topics throughout the year. We also work closely with partner organizations to insure you have the tools and information you need for your corporate social impact decision-making.


Making The Case for Socially Responsible Business 2023

Making the Case is an easy-to-use toolkit that helps corporate citizenship professionals build a compelling, data-driven business case for the value of corporate social impact.

4th Annual CSR Insights Survey (with YourCause from Blackbaud)

ACCP and YourCause from Blackbaud recently surveyed the corporate social impact field to better understand the trends impacting corporate social responsibility (CSR) and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) professionals. The 2023 survey was conducted in April and garnered responses from 149 companies representing more than $1B in community investment.

Navigating the Political Landscape as a Social Impact Professional

This toolkit equips you with the knowledge, skills, and insights needed to navigate the complexities of the political landscape effectively. It will provide guiding questions and examples to help you answer key questions like:” What social issues should my company respond to and when do we stand back?”, “When we want to act, what’s the best way to respond or engage” and “How can we mitigate potential backlash?”.

Engaging Hourly Workers Toolkit

This toolkit – created in partnership with Rocket Social Impact – offers specific ways to include hourly employees in corporate volunteer efforts and examples of companies doing this successfully.


More than a Checked Box: Unlocking the Power of ERGs 

This toolkit explores the landscape of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) as they relate to maximizing CSR initiatives. The toolkit highlights key trends such as ERG payment models, ERG impact reporting, and integrating ERG as a company stakeholder. The toolkit includes industry examples and recommendations.

Leading with Racial Equity in CSR: A Research Study
Employee Resource Group Survey Results (2021)

ACCP and teamed up in the Summer of 2021 to jointly survey corporate citizenship, human resources and diversity, equity, and inclusion professionals, to gather insights into how corporations managed ERGs and how this movement aligned with overall corporate citizenship goals. 

ACCP partners with Chief Executives for Corporate Purpose (CECP) on their annual Giving in Numbers report (2023)

ACCP collaborates with CECP to strengthen and expand the corporate social impact dataset, and to enhance our ability to assist members with their data-related questions and needs. 

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