Volunteering With ACCP

ACCP, as a career-long resource for corporate citizenship professionals, is very familiar with the importance and value of volunteer support as both an employee engagement strategy and a resource for our nonprofit partners. Did you know that ACCP also relies on the support of volunteers? If you’re familiar with our history, you know we were created by corporate citizenship professionals. A leading part of our strategy has always been to include the voice of the practitioner and incorporate the experiences of those directly in the field. We augment the CSR expertise of our staff through the service of our member-volunteers who help foster relationships within our member community, share resources, and add value to the services ACCP provides to each and every member company and contact we work with.

You may be wondering – just what do these volunteers do for ACCP?

  • ACCP members support the leadership and direction of ACCP by serving on the Board of Directors.
  • During our Annual Conference, members can serve as Conference Ambassadors to greet guests, keep time, guide first-time attendees, and more!
  • Each year, at the end of The Forum, a group of CSR leaders help serve as a feedback panel during the participants’ final presentations.
  • Our annual Purpose Awards applications are reviewed by a Judging Committee comprised of leaders in the field.
  • Member Groups, which allow ACCP members to regularly connect with and learn from peers, are led by members from a given region or industry.
  • Finally, one of our most visible volunteer groups are many of the speakers and presenters who share their time and expertise at Member Group meetings, educational webcasts, Summits, and Conferences.

ACCP is grateful for the many ways our members and partners in the field have supported us throughout the years by volunteering their time and talents. We look forward to sharing more about each of these opportunities and the volunteers currently supporting ACCP in the coming months.

If you are interested in serving ACCP as a volunteer, click here to learn more about these opportunities.

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