Volunteer with ACCP

As Corporate Citizenship professionals, we understand the importance and value of volunteer support. ACCP is grateful for the many ways that our members and partners in the field have supported us throughout the years by volunteering their time and talents.

Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in volunteering your time with ACCP, please review the below opportunities which include short-term activities as well as long-term commitments. Opportunities will be posted throughout the year so come back often to see what is available.

ACCP Board of Directors

Members of the ACCP Board of Directors are responsible for the governance and financial and management oversight of ACCP. Board members serve for a three-year term and may be reelected for a second three-year term, serving a maximum of six consecutive years. A call for nominations is sent out annually to ACCP members.


The Program and Membership Committees assist the ACCP Board of Directors in developing strategies that advance ACCP’s mission, membership, and the profession at-large. The Committees are composed of at least three ACCP Board members, and a set of ACCP members at-large. The Committees meet 2-4 times per year.

Member Group Co-Leads

Co-Leads assist ACCP Staff with leading and facilitating subsets of members in quarterly member group meetings. Co-Leads help set meeting schedules, develop content and speakers, generate conversation on online communities, and facilitate member meetings. Member Group Co-Leads typically serve a two-year term. For more information about serving as a Member Group Co-Lead, please reach out to Hillary Roviaro.


ACCP has many opportunities for speakers and presenters including Member Group meetings, educational webcasts, and at the ACCP Conference. For more information on presenting at a Member Group meeting or educational webcast, please reach out to speakers@accp.org. If you are interested in speaking at the ACCP Conference, please visit the ACCP Conference page for additional details.

Blog Posts

Members can share their CSR knowledge or highlight a program or service by submitting a blog post for the ACCP website, to be shared with the CSR community on our social media channels. For questions or additional information on the blog, please email dana@accp.org.

For questions or additional information on volunteering with ACCP, please reach out:

Thank you for your submission.