ACCP Board Nomination Process

Qualifications and Ideal Characteristics of Incoming Board Members

As a leading social responsibility membership organization, supporting diversity, inclusion, and equity is a priority for ACCP, including in its selection of new incoming Board members. ACCP recognizes that the effectiveness of its Board lies in the unique composition of its members and their diverse personal and professional assets that round out the Board’s profile as a whole. ACCP aspires to be led by Board that is a beacon for the field in these dimensions, and therefore expects potential Board members to demonstrate most of the basic qualifications, and where possible, some ideal qualifications.

Basic Qualifications

  • Able to strengthen ACCP by bringing deep and significant Corporate Citizenship experience to the table. Has a demonstrated track record of integrating company’s citizenship work with core business operations and functions.

  • Demonstrated track record leading the creation and implementation of innovative, integrated programs and business solutions.

  • Has served on other non-profit boards and has a track record of positive contributions.


  • Serves as the #1 in Corporate Citizenship in a company; scope includes some dimensions of ESG beyond community relations, contributions, and/or volunteerism.

Basic Qualifications

  • Has demonstrated knowledge of the Corporate Citizenship field and is well informed on issues and trends. Leads with a perspective that is based on the alignment between business and society.

  • Strategic thinker that easily analyzes issues, creates frameworks for decision making, and has a capacity for innovative thinking to generate new ideas and help them come to fruition.


  • Has a unique perspective on the future of corporate citizenship and provides thought leadership that may drive the changing nature of the profession.

Basic Qualifications

  • Brings the strengths of personal, expert and positional influence to bear. Demonstrates success influencing senior level decisions makers, both internally and externally.

  • Has vision and is flexible to lead or support change.

  • Builds consensus and contributes insights that inspire others, attracts support and buy-in

  • Comfortable challenging the status quo in a thoughtful way; demonstrates leadership of organizational growth and change.

Basic Qualifications

  • Highly regarded and respected; brings a positive reputation that reflects on ACCP’s credibility.


  • Brings the attention of others to ACCP – is sought after by media, as a speaker, and as a contributing thought leader in corporate citizenship.

Basic Qualifications

  • Is well connected with other leaders in corporate citizenship including other companies and citizenship leaders, peer industry groups and other potential partners that can help to advance ACCP’s mission.
  • Willing to tap into professional network to actively recruit members, supporters, and partners that help ACCP achieve its mission.

Basic Qualifications

  • Is a member in good standing.

  • Prioritizes Board and committee meeting attendance. Willing to follow through on commitments in a timely manner.

  • Is a conscientious steward who is informed, available, and engaged with ACCP and in the field and who will enthusiastically champion the association. Willing to represent ACCP internally and externally.

  • Has the internal authority to make financial and non-financial commitments to ACCP on behalf of the member company, e.g. pro-bono resources, hosting an event, sponsoring activities, etc.


  • Willing to commit financial resources to ACCP annually, e.g. conference or event sponsorship, and to encourage peer companies to do the same.

How to Apply

The Board seeks to identify diverse, qualified candidates for our Board on an ongoing basis, to be considered for election on an annual cycle. The effectiveness of ACCP’s Board lies in its inclusivity and the unique composition of its members and their diverse personal and professional assets that round out the Board’s profile as a whole.

Individuals from member companies may nominate themselves for a 3-year term on the ACCP Board beginning in March 2024 by following the process outlined:

Step 1: Submit and Review Nominations for Board Seat

September 7, 2023

Call for Nominations issued

September 29, 2023

Completed applications for a seat on the ACCP Board are due to the Governance Chair and ACCP CEO. 

October 3, 2023

Member(s) of the Governance Committee and/or the CEO conduct individual conversations with each nominee to consider qualifications and interest, and answer nominee questions.

October 9-November 3, 2023

The Governance Committee considers each nominee in the context of the required qualifications.

December 15, 2023

The Board reviews qualified nominations.

Step 2: Process for Selecting a Slate of Board Candidates and Electing New Directors

December 5, 2023

The Board votes to recommend a final slate of candidates to the Membership (one representative from each member company). Candidates informed of the outcome one business day after the Board decision.

December 7-15, 2023

The Governance Committee finalizes its slate of candidates and communicates the results directly with each nominee (2).

January 4-12, 2024

The Membership is provided a final slate of candidates and an online ballot (3) for voting.

January 12, 2024

Voting closes and ballots are tallied. Candidates informed of the outcome one business day after election closes.

January 15, 2024

Results of the election are announced to all members and other stakeholders in The Wrap.

Step 3: Orientation and Board Service for Elected Directors

February, 2024

Newly elected Board members attend mandatory Board Orientation program (virtual in 3 segments)

March, 2024

Newly elected Board members attend their first Board meeting.

April 2024-2027

Board members serve for a 3-year term, with the opportunity to be re-elected for one second term.


1 – The Governance Committee identifies a target number of Board members it aspires to bring on each year and will prioritize qualifications based on the needs of the Board and its current composition. The Board may choose to elect no new Board members in the current cycle, provided that it is aligned with requirements in the Bylaws.

2 – The names of nominees will be kept strictly confidential among members of the Board until the final slate of candidates is approved. The names of nominees who are not selected for the final slate of candidates will remain confidential. Nominees who are not elected to the Board may submit again for nomination in future cycles.

3 – Each member company has one Delegate vote, an affirmative vote indicates approval to elect, and a majority is required to elect the candidates.

Thank you for your submission.