CSR Resources

ACCP provides relevant resources and learning opportunities to help advance the field of corporate citizenship and help advance your career and provide more value to your companies and communities.

Through these practical insights and relevant tools, ACCP helps companies identify and understand trends, improve their results, and expand their impact.

accp insights blog

Find insights on corporate citizenship trends, ACCP activities, and more.

Making the Case for CSR

Making the Case is an easy-to-use toolkit that helps corporate citizenship professionals build a compelling, data-driven business case for the value of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

CSR Marketplace

The CSR Marketplace provides an online hub where purpose-driven companies can learn about organizations that provide CSR-related products or services.

CSR Jobs

Find recent CSR job listings.


ACCP conducts, curates, and distributes research findings on CSR trends and topics throughout the year. We also work closely with partner organizations to insure  you have the tools and information you need for your CSR decision-making.

COVID-19 CSR Resources

Stay informed on the changing landscapes in the wake of COVID-19.

Racial Equity

ACCP has set a multi-year goal to create a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable corporate citizenship sector that will improve the efficacy of corporate investments in racial equity.

Corporate Citizenship Guide

This resource from ACCP identifies the scope of work led by corporate citizenship professionals inside companies across the country and the world.

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