CCRE Recipients

Certified Corporate Responsibility Executive

Designation Recipients

The below executives received the CCRE designation* from ACCP and the University of Notre Dame.
* This program has been discontinued.
Jaime Barclay

Jaime Barclay, CCRE

Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility

Katie Fletcher

Katie Fletcher, CCRE

Director NS Foundation & Corporate Giving
Norfolk Southern Corporation

Anne Gross

Anne Gross, CCRE

Director, Citizenship

Kim Keller

Kim Keller, CCRE

Senior Manager, Corporate Contributions
Johnson & Johnson

Cheryl Lamm

Cheryl Lamm, CCRE

Community Relations
McMaster-Carr Supply Co.

Megan Lee

Megan Lee, CCRE

Senior Manager, Community Outreach
Southwest Airlines

Chris Montross

Chris Montross, CCRE

Senior Managing Director, Community Relations and Urban Marketing

Leanne Posko

Leanne Posko, CCRE

Senior Manager, Community Relations
Capital One

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