CSR Marketplace LIVE 2022

CSR Marketplace Live is a series of virtual sessions hosted by ACCP’s trusted partners – all qualified experts in the CSR & ESG space. Learn from their experience working and advising many purpose-driven companies. 

Speaker: Natalya Derobertis
Product Marketing Manager

A faster time to fund: How technology can speed up your grantmaking

As demands for progress on key challenges become more and more urgent, grantmakers are called upon to speed up their time to fund. Social justice, climate change, and emergency social relief can’t wait.

Join this session to learn what to look for in a technology partner for a faster time to fund, including:

  • Launching faster
  • Enabling responsiveness
  • Automating review
  • Mitigating fraud
  • Custom service solutions
  • Disbursing funds

You’ll leave with the knowledge of how to leverage innovative technology to accelerate your grantmaking cycle all the way through: from program launch, through the review process, up to the most important piece…getting money into the hands of awardees.

Rick Wood
Speaker: Rick Wood,
Senior Business Development Manager

Invest in Community Spaces. Deliver Measurable Change.

Many organizations are focusing their philanthropic efforts on improving the health, equity, and quality of life for the communities they serve. Learn how they are accomplishing this by funding public spaces dedicated to promoting health and wellness. This session looks at case studies of the revitalization and impact of parks across the U.S. We will discuss the importance of community engagement, how funding partners are engaged throughout the design and build process and share examples of measurable outcomes on the impact on community health and wellbeing.

Speaker: Rich Maiore,
Rocket Social Impact

Boost your CSR through Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups have grown in popularity and influence over the past few years. Increasingly, companies are being more strategic how ERGs integrate and support CSR efforts to achieve greater business and social impact.
In this fun and interactive session facilitated by Rich Maiore, President of Rocket Social Impact, learn from fellow CSR peers from leading companies about the latest ERG research, trends, and innovations on how companies are harnessing the passion and potential of ERGs to amplify and implement their CSR strategies.

Speaker:  Brittany Hill
Founder and CEO

Social Impact Measurement and Reporting Tools and Best Practices

While it may seem like the Wild West when it comes to standardizing CSR and social impact reporting, Accelerist has been working to identify the variables that are most impactful when it comes to impact measurement. 

Join Accelerist’s Founder and CEO, Brittany Hill, for a discussion on what you need to know when it comes to social impact reporting – what KPIs to monitor, pivotal tools, and impact on the bottom line – so you can accurately measure and easily report on the great social impact work your company does!

Speakers: Davida Rivens,
Vice President of Product Management & Sales at E4E Relief
Nathan Dalecheck,
Senior Customer Success Manager at YourCause from Blackbaud

Employee Wellness Through a CSR Lens

Last year Harvard Business Review reported that 89% of workers indicated a decline in their workplace well-being due to the impacts of COVID-19. The study – conducted with 1,500 people across 46 countries – overwhelmingly showed respondents reporting mental health declines, challenges with meeting basic needs, and feelings of loneliness.

Join YourCause from Blackbaud and E4E Relief for a discussion on how corporate social responsibility leaders can support employee wellness through employee relief programs that provide support during disasters and hardships.

Key Takeaways:
• Learn about the positive impacts of relief grants on employees’ emotional and financial wellbeing during a crisis 
• See how employee relief grants have a positive impact on overall employee satisfaction and loyalty
• Activate employee participation in helping support their peers through your relief program
• Questions to consider when designing your employee relief program and examples of how some programs are set up

Speaker: Maureen Flynn, Senior Managing Director & Mandy Ryan, Managing Director

Advancing Your Strategy During Times of Transition

Now more than ever, CEOs and business leaders are looking to their CSR teams to better understand how social impact can drive corporate growth. Whether it’s the recognition that DEI is not solely an HR initiative but a central corporate mandate, increased demand from stakeholders, or simply the next generation of business leaders seeing that financial success and social wellbeing are intertwined, CSR practitioners have a seat at the table like never before.

In this session we will explore how companies can assess their current priorities, programs, and operations to develop refreshed strategies that drive true integration and embed social impact into the core of your business.

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