CSR Marketplace Virtual 2023

CSR Marketplace Virtual is a series of virtual sessions hosted by a selection of ACCP’s trusted partners – all qualified experts in the CSR & ESG field. Learn from their experience working and advising many purpose-driven companies. Each virtual session will be 50 minutes and provide guidance on a top-of-mind issue. Register for one or all, or any combination of sessions below.

Session Descriptions

Jennifer Bahus, Vice President; Carla Ibarra, Director CSR & Marketing from NRG Energy & Monica Moradkhan, VP of Community Relations, Wynn Resorts 

From Hourly Workers to the C-Suite: Employee Giving Programs That Benefit All
Do your workplace giving and engagement programs work for all employees? In this webinar, Jennifer Bahus from Fidelity Philanthropic Consulting will moderate a discussion around the benefits of building intentional and flexible programs with specific ways companies can:
  • Develop engaging programs that work for everyone and help maximize charitable impact
  • Support employees’ personal values and interests to create an inclusive environment
  • Utilize workplace giving initiatives to bolster diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives authentically
  • Offer successful programs even with limited resources
Katherine Wu Brady Chief Operations Officer
Next Level Skills-based Volunteering: The Why and The How of Maximizing Nonprofit Value and Employee Experience

Join us for this session to learn insights to the next generation of volunteering that delivers for both employees and nonprofits. Committing to the Why and the How of impact is the key to unforgettable experiences. Take away actionable strategies to go beyond the grant to create social impact and bring your modern workplace together.

Rick Wood, Senior Business Development Manager & Chelsea Johnson, Director of Community Relations & Foundations from BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee

Impact Parks Logo
Thinking Outside the Box: Developing Signature Campaigns to Better Measure Impact & Outcomes

Many companies prioritize creating impactful CSR initiatives with measurable outcomes but finding the best way to display the impact of their investments remains a challenge. IMPACT Parks’ Rick Wood & CSR professional Chelsea Johnson will discuss how insights gathered through a combination of direct & indirect data collection methods show the true impact. They’ll show reports that reveal demographic & research-based findings to illustrate the outcomes of an investment’s immediate & long-term community impact.

Leeatt Rothschild, Founder and CEO & Perry Yeatman, Head of Corporate from Save the Children US

Words Matter: Driving Social Impact with Inclusive Language

Language is ever evolving. Integrating inclusive language across internal and external communications doesn’t just happen, it requires a continual practice of knowledge acquisition and assessment. If done right, it’s integral to building a purposeful brand. If neglected, it can cause serious damage. Join this session as our speakers share how they adopted a corporate lexicon reflecting their DEI commitments and how vital community partners and key stakeholders can be in informing the language your organization adopts.

Sara Ansell, Senior Manager of Social Impact & Gabe Cohen, Director of Marketing

CSR and ESG: Demonstrating Business Value and Social Impact in the Face of ESG Backlash

Solidifying the link between CSR and ESG can lead to exciting opportunities for corporate citizenship professionals. However, the lack of sector-wide standards around social impact reporting makes it challenging to know just what kind of data to collect—and how to measure it well. In this session, we’ll explain how to develop a strategy, evaluate your impact, and leverage your results to capture the “S” in ESG (and CSR), even in an anti-ESG environment.

Maureen Flynn, Vice President & Leah Brody, Managing Director

Engage, Inspire & Collaborate: Getting Social Impact Storytelling Right
Despite developing thoughtful and effective social impact strategies, many companies – even those with the most sophisticated social impact and corporate responsibility programs – face challenges articulating how their efforts connect to the business, identifying the “thing” they should be known for, and successfully reaching stakeholders through inspiring stories. In this session you will learn a step-by-step framework to structure your social impact communications strategy, with the goal of developing more memorable and impactful storytelling that enables deeper stakeholder connections.

Ashley Wilson Oster, VP and Director of Marketing and Partnerships

Tackling Threats to Employee Well-being

How can companies support the well-being of their workforce in a way that creates positive impact for individuals in need and the companies they serve? Companies are asking themselves this question now more than ever before as a challenging confluence of events – climate disasters, geopolitical events, shifting economic conditions – negatively affects not only the workforce, but also the supply chain and the broader community.

Businesses have been investing in workforce wellness for years, but data shows employees aren’t feeling the love: 54% of employees don’t believe their current company cares about their well-being, and 76% say they are more attracted to companies who do. So what’s the solution?

Join E4E Relief’s Ashley Wilson Oster as she discusses:

  • The biggest threats to employee well-being and how these can also impact your business and the broader community
  • What compassionate companies are doing to resolve these challenges and measure their impact
  • Data on how doing good is good for business

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