Corporate Serving Organizations Collaborate to Support Companies Responding to Ukraine as Zelensky and Congress call on U.S. Companies to do More

ACCP, CECP, Points of Light, and Council on Foundations are collaborating to host a series of meetings with our collective members to share their companies’ responses to the war in Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis it continues to create. By this Friday, more than 100 of the U.S.’s most responsible companies will have joined the conversation, sharing their initiatives including in-country employee relief, support for refugees in neighboring countries where they have operations, and humanitarian aid to US based international support organizations and organizations in Europe and on the ground that are providing rescue and relief. Companies are also sharing ideas about how US-based and European-based employees are volunteering, organizing and using their skills to support all those who are impacted by the violence and lack of transportation, homes, supplies and food.

Today in his remarks to Congress, President Zelensky called on U.S. corporations to leverage their economic power in support of a peaceful conclusion of this brutal war, by saying “ I call on the U.S. to do more. All American companies should leave Russia,“ and went on to say, “All American companies must leave their market immediately because it is flooded with our blood.” Further, he requested that lawmakers ask all companies in their districts and states to send aid to Ukraine. 

Senator Ron Wyden, chair of the Finance committee, acknowledged the appetite in Congress to revoke tax benefits for U.S. companies still operating in Russia, and indicated his support for the move.

ACCP applauds the many companies that are making complex business decisions and philanthropic commitments to preserve democracy and help those who are suffering as a result of this war. We are grateful for our partnership with other corporate social impact serving organizations and will continue to collaborate to support our member companies throughout the crisis and long-anticipated recovery efforts.

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