Advancing Purpose Amidst Polarization: An ACCP Summit – 2024

Advancing Purpose Amidst Polarization: An ACCP Summit
March 26-27, 2024
1pm –
5pm ET
Interactive Online Program via Zoom 

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The increasing polarization within our society presents unique challenges and opportunities for purpose-driven companies and social impact practitioners. Yet, it’s never been more important to keep purpose work moving forward. Employees, customers, and investors continue to make critical decisions based on an organization’s CSR, ESG, and DEI commitments and practices. 

Join us for Advancing Purpose Amidst Polarization: An ACCP Summit designed to provide a road map for corporate social impact practitioners navigating this complex landscape today and into the future. Hear from experts in the field and your peers on how to dial down the noise and propel the work forward. 

Learn the latest insights on: 

  • Current and anticipated ESG regulations, how companies communicate about the work, and the ongoing backlash 
  • How the SCOTUS decision on Affirmative Action is affecting company DEI programs, including work with nonprofits on workforce development funding 
  • Civic and employee engagement in an election year  

While some of these topics apply globally, this Summit will have a US-centric lens to the conversation.

Learning Outcomes:

Attendees will leave the Summit with: 

  • A thorough grasp of the political landscape surrounding social impact programs and why companies should not stall their initiatives, 
  • Innovative ideas to involve, support, and encourage employees and customers to participate in civic engagement. 
  • A better understanding of the legal and compliance ramifications of ESG regulations and the Affirmative Action decision on current social impact programs.  
  • Compelling case studies spotlighting how other companies are successfully navigating the current environment and actionable recommendations to move purpose programs forward in your organization. 
  • How to have effective conversations at work about difficult topics. 

Program Agenda

*This is a tentative agenda and is subject to change.

Day 1

March 26, 2024
  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Today’s Political Impacts on CSR: A Review of the Current Landscape and How to Push Purpose Forward
  • DEI, Politics & The Law: Key Ground Rules for 2024 & Beyond
  • The State of Workforce Development Programs
  • Breakouts on Corporate Commitments to Racial Equity
  • ESG Regulations: Disclosures to Action

Day 2

March 27, 2024
  • ESG Backlash – What’s Really Happening at the Corporate Level and How Is it Changing Comms and Commitment
  • Conflict Evolution: Navigating Difficult Conversations at Work
  • Empowering Customers and Employees in an Election Year
  • The Authenticity Imperative 


Leah Brody
Sr. Director
Changing Our World

Nicole Cardoza
Reclamation Ventures

Erica Chan Glueck
Associate Director & Environmental Lead
qb Consulting

Mary Dohrmann
Employee Impact Manager

Chirlie Felix
Managing Director

Tamara Fletcher
Director of Global DEI Advancement

Maureen Flynn
Senior Managing Director
Changing Our World

Linda Goldman
Ogletree Deakins

Devon Goodall
Senior Policy Director, Government Relations
LPL Financial

Demesha Hill
Head of Diversity & Community Relations
Janus Henderson Foundation

Tia Hodges
President & CEO
MetLife Foundation

Veena Jayadeva
Chief Equity and Impact Office

Jason Leiker
Associate Vice President – Corporate Social Responsibility
AT&T Inc.

Noemi Jimenez
Cofounder & Partner
qb Consulting

John Newsome
Public Equity Group

Jess Riegel
Co-Founder & CEO

Alison Taylor
Clinical Professor
NYU Stern School of Business

Devin Whitney
Director, Public Affairs & Strategic Research

Andrea Wood
Social Impact Consultant

Session Descriptions

Today’s Political Impacts on CSR: A Review of the Landscape and How to Push Purpose Forward 

Speaker: Alison Taylor

In a fraught election year, many companies are caught between pressure from their young employees to speak up and be more politically active and an organized backlash against sustainability and diversity initiatives. How can companies reshape their sustainability priorities to be more strategic, focused, and defensible while navigating new pressures for transparency and corporate political responsibility? How can leaders balance contradictory pressures from stakeholders in an era where there is a gotcha mindset, polarization, and misinformation?  

DEI, Politics & The Law: Key Ground Rules for 2024 & Beyond

Explore the impact of conservative activism on corporate, non-profit, and government Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs. Delve into recent court decisions and administrative challenges and their direct influence on targeted DEI initiatives. Discover how organizations are actively sustaining, strengthening, and advancing their DEI efforts despite external pressures. Join us to gain valuable insights into navigating the evolving landscape of DEI in today’s dynamic socio-political climate.

The State of Workforce Development Programs

Speakers: Tia Hodges, Tamara Fletcher, Andrea Wood, Demetria Hall

This thought-provoking panel delves into the evolving landscape following SCOTUS’ ruling on Affirmative Action. We’ll explore the current conversations within corporations surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. Are there prevailing fears or hesitations? How are companies adapting their programs and commitments considering this ruling? We’ll also examine how these organizations extend support to their nonprofit partners amidst so much uncertainty.  

ESG Disclosure Regulations: Mitigating Scrutiny & Greenwashing

Despite global scrutiny of corporate climate impact claims (greenwashing) and a more localized debate on ESG in the US, regulations on mandatory disclosures continue progressing and unfolding new requirements. Beyond checking the box, there are strategic and risk management benefits to corporate ESG disclosures. Companies can take practical, incremental actions to reap these benefits, comply with – and even get ahead of – forthcoming regulations.

*Tentative title and session description. Subject to change per pending regulations and updates.
ESG Backlash 

Speakers: Chirlie Felix (moderator), Jason Leiker, Veena Jayadeva, and Neomí Jiménez

This compelling session will delve into companies’ strategies to navigate the complex landscape of ESG challenges and opportunities. Explore the dynamic responses of organizations facing heightened scrutiny and evolving stakeholder expectations in the wake of recent headlines and impending regulatory changes. This session will also examine companies’ nuanced approaches to adapting their language and communication strategies around ESG, both internally and externally. Gain valuable insights into how organizations adjust their reporting practices in response to regulatory shifts and stakeholder feedback. Learn what adjustments these organizations have made to their initiatives and commitments to align with evolving standards and mitigate backlash effectively. 

Navigating Difficult Conversations in the Workplace 

Speaker: Nicole Cardoza

Practical conflict resolution tools are necessary with tensions and anxieties at an all-time high in our current politicized landscape. This session on conflict resolution applies a culturally responsive, inclusive framework to navigating challenging conversations at work, mediating tense scenarios, and fostering understanding with opposing viewpoints. 

Empowering Customers and Employees in an Election Year 

Speakers: Jess Riegel (moderator); Devin Whitney, Mary Dormann, Devin Goodall

As we navigate through an election year, more and more corporations are exploring the landscape of corporate civic and employee engagement. This session will examine companies’ diverse approaches to engaging their employees and customers, from policies and education to philanthropic efforts. We’ll explore topics such as brand and culture alignment, stakeholder concerns, and strategies for initiating or enhancing engagement programs through the lens of three distinct companies positioned at different points on the engagement spectrum. Discover the critical considerations for companies venturing into civic engagement initiatives for the first time and practical tips for optimizing existing programs. 

The Authenticity Imperative

We all know that consumers, employees, investors, and advocates expect companies to act responsibly and invest in building a better world.  However, according to the Changing Our World 2024 consumer study findings, people – especially younger generations – are skeptical about corporate commitments to society. 

In this session, social impact consultants Leah Brody and Maureen Flynn will share preliminary findings from Changing Our World’s latest research report and provide insights on how an authentic strategy can help corporate social impact practitioners navigate the current climate and reconcile corporate intentions with changing public perceptions. 

Who Should Attend 

  • Corporate Social impact leaders responsible for or contributing to their organizations’ ESG, CSR, or DEI initiatives.
  • Corporate leaders, HR team members, or those who advise and collaborate with social impact programs and want to better understand the recent headlines around CSR/ESG and how other companies are responding.
  • Employee Resource Group (ERG) leaders interested in learning more about how the current environment may impact their efforts.
  • Nonprofit leaders whose partnerships and corporate relationships are impacted by recent changes and upcoming regulations.


  • ACCP Members: $450
  • Nonprofit partners of ACCP member companies: $450 (you will need to input your partner contact/company during registration)
  • Non-ACCP Members: $650

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