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Chezuba is a leading technology solution for companies seeking to enhance their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. With a user-friendly platform available in 133 languages and a vast network of 2M+ nonprofits spanning over 100 countries, Chezuba connects employees with meaningful volunteering and giving opportunities globally. 

With thousands of volunteering opportunities to choose from in team-based, skill-based and gamified formats, the range and diversity of options your employees will have is unprecedented. Our AI-powered software analyzes every single employee’s preferences and interests and maps personalized volunteering and giving opportunities to them. 

Our comprehensive reporting and dashboard features allow CSR teams to effectively monitor and track participation and thus the impact of their CSR initiatives. We understand every company’s CSR goals and programs are different, so we built a platform that can be customized to your needs. Lastly, we make it extremely easy for companies to adopt our solution by integrating with over 27 HRIS providers, Slack, Microsoft Teams and Single Sign-on and go live in as little as a week. 

If you are facing a challenge engaging a distributed workforce, or seeing low participation in your CSR programs, talk to us! 

Did you know “Chezuba” means “Thank you”? 


Sukhendra Rompally
Founder & CEO
(317) 325-8995


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