Corporate Response to the Crisis in Ukraine

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As Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) leaders, we often find ourselves accountable for our company’s response in times of crisis. We’ve spent the last several years grappling with issues around the pandemic, racial injustices, hunger, poverty, unemployment, natural disasters, crime, and more. Yet as much as we learn from and prepare to respond when a crisis comes, there is no surefire way to prepare for war.

Many ACCP members have reached out to us to find out what other companies are doing in response to the crisis in Ukraine and what information and resources they should consider as they craft a response.

To that end, we have compiled a list of corporate reactions, resources, news, and articles of interest for those working in social impact. We will keep this list updated regularly to support our members as you work to respond to the needs of your companies, employees, and the communities you serve.

If you have information or a resource you’d like us to add, please email ACCP.

Corporate Responses:

US Chamber of Commerce Corporate Aid Tracker

Morning Consult: Tracking the Russia-Ukraine Crisis

Direct corporate responses*: Airbnb, T-Mobile, Kurt Geiger, Novo Nordisk Foundation, World Bank Group, CBRE, Alteryx

Forbes has compiled a list of corporate announcements/support for Ukraine.

Foundations, corporations providing support for Ukraine (3/13/2022)

Nestle, the world’s largest food company, has 5,000 workers in Ukraine. It is temporarily closing three factories in the region.

Shell and BP abandoned $3B in Russian investments after the Ukraine invasion.

Shipping Giant Maersk, Visa, and Mastercard Halt Key Russia Services – Here’s The Growing List of Companies Responding to Invasion – Companies mentioned include Maersk, YouTube, Mastercard, Visa, Disney, Netflix, Shell, Twitter, Airbnb, Etsy, BO, Meta, Verizon, Adidas

Exxon to Exit Russia, Leaving $4B in Assets

Netflix Suspends Service in Russia

Apple joins companies pulling back from Russia over Ukraine attack – Companies mentioned include Apple, Ford, Nike, Boeing, Disney, Warner Bros and more.

Western companies head for exit in Russia as sanctions tighten – Companies mentioned include Shell, BP, AerCap, Equinor, and TotalEnergies

IKEA Pauses Operations in Russia and Belarus

Wells Fargo is donating $1 million to aid Ukraine, Ukrainian refugees, and U.S. service members

Tesla Has Made Supercharging EVs Free for People Fleeing Ukraine

LinkedIn Corporate Statement

PwC Support of Ukraine and Actions Against Russia

Microsoft Stops Selling Products in Russia

AMD, Intel, Microsoft, Nvidia Halt Chip Sales to Russia

Boeing To ‘Strictly Adhere’ to Restrictions on Operating in Russia, Also Donating to Ukraine

Businesses are fleeing Russia. McDonald’s and Pizza Hut are sticking around.

Over 200 Companies Have Withdrawn From Russia – But Some Remain

The Ukraine Corporate Index Tracker

McDonald’s, Starbucks and Coca-Cola Suspend Business in Russia Amid Mounting Public Pressure

McDonald’s Leads Fresh Exodus of Western Consumer Brands From Russia

Helping Ukraine Is Proving Difficult for Some Ukrainians in the U.S.

LyondellBasell Statement

Dunkin’ Donuts is the Latest Consumer Favorite to Take Stand on Russia

Pfizer is Donating Russia Profits Instead of Pulling Out. Here’s Why.

AB InBev Increases its Humanitarian Relief for Ukraine and Is Forfeiting All Financial Benefits From Stake in Russian Non-Controlled Joint Venture

Nestle, General Mills joint venture suspends operations in Russia

NGOs and tech firms join forces to help Ukraine

An Open Letter on Ukraine From Daniel O’Day, Chairman & CEO of Gilead Sciences

T-Mobile Foundation Matches Employee Donations in Support of Ukrainian Refugees

FedEx Providing Over $1.5 Million to Support Ukraine Relief

Creative Business Responses to the Crisis in Ukraine

How Airbnb Reinvented Itself As the World’s Crisis-Housing Provider

76 Tons of Donated Medicines, Supplies for Ukraine Arrive in Poland Via FedEx Charter

Carlsberg follows rival Heineken in pulling out of Russia. It’s ‘the right thing to do’

Cox Foundation Gives $500,000 to Aid in Ukraine

Major Global Companies Pledge Support For Refugees Fleeing Ukraine

Life Science company ‘Bayer’ suspend non-essential activities in Russia and Belarus

The Ukraine Crisis: How are global CEOs responding?

Without Ukrainian Sunflower Oil, Iceland Foods Forced to Put Practicality Over Sustainability

Foundations, corporations providing support for Ukraine (04/03/2022)

Intel suspends all operations in Russia “effective immediately”

PepsiCo’s Head of Comms and the Former CEO of Best Buy Discuss How the War in Ukraine Is Testing Corporate Values

P&G Ukraine Relief Efforts

JPMorgan: $10 million for the Ukraine humanitarian crisis

Resources and Related Articles:

List of vetted organizations to support, from ACCP partner Rocket Social Impact.

Trusted Ways to Support Ukraine Now

B Lab Europe: #StandWithUkraine

Jobs Aid in Ukraine

Benevity: Where to Donate to Support the Humanitarian Crisis (also includes a downloadable crisis kit, for those who may be leading a corporate relief campaign)

Triple Pundit: Our Suggestions on How to Help Ukraine

UN Business Guide: Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis March 2022

The Invasion of Ukraine and Corporate ESG

Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Must Prompt an ESG Reckoning

Russia-Ukraine Monitor Map

Americans Overwhelmingly Want Companies to Take Action Against Russia Over Ukraine Invasion

Businesses Pull Russian Products in Response to the Invasion of Ukraine. Should You Do the Same?

How Companies Are Responding to Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

The Growing Dangers and Risks Companies Face If They Do Not Cut Ties with Russia (PDF of article)

Russian Invasion of Ukraine Could Trigger New Levels of Corporate Activism (PDF of article)

The Optics Aren’t Good for Energy Companies Right Now

Shipping Costs Rise, Transport Tightens as War Escalates in Ukraine

‘Yes, He Would’: Fiona Hill on Putin and Nukes

raceAhead (Fortune newsletter)

The Case for More Companies to Keep Pulling Out of Russia

Profit Versus Philanthropy Weighs On Ukraine Crypto Donations

Civilian Toll Mounts In Ukraine As World Leaders Raise Question of War Crimes

“Ukraine AirLIFT” Takes Off, Delivering Supplies To The War-Torn Country

How Will the Russia-Ukraine War Affect Africa? Here’s What To Know

Development Assistance and Approaches to Risk in Fragile and Conflict-Affected States (OECD)

Refugees in Europe: How To Help in a Systemic Way?

Canva templates and illustrations to show your support

The Human Toll of War

How The Tech Community Can Help Ukraine

Responding to the Complex Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine

Six Steps to Guiding Corporate Reputation While Responding to the Crisis in Ukraine

Governance During a Geopolitical Crisis

How To Talk To Your Team About Distressing News Events

Supporting Ukraine and The Value of Democracy

War in Ukraine: Considerations for Speaking Out And Making a Difference

Russia Rattles Nuclear Sword, Corporate Leadership Wakes Up

A Russian-American VC Launches A Platform to Support Ukrainian Refugees

Global Philanthropy Responds to Crisis in Ukraine

Philanthropy’s Critical Role in the Crisis in Ukraine

Center for International Disaster Information

Crafting Impact Investment Strategies for a Ukraine in Crisis

The Case for Ukrainian Social ‘Freedom Bonds’

State Street Global Advisors’ CEO and Head of Asset Stewardship Talk Proxy Season, the State of Energy Amid Ukraine War, and the Future of ESG

Companies Should Be Required to Disclose Their Ties to Putin’s Russia

Ukraine is a climate story. Because everything is a climate story.

Fake news is clouding the real stories around the Ukrainian crisis – here’s how to spot it

Stay or sell? Russia’s war shows the difficulties of nuance in responsible investing

Philanthropy’s Response To Russian Invasion of Ukraine

27 Meaningful Ways You Can Help Ukraine

Two Teens From Harvard Develop a Website to Help Ukrainian Refugees Looking for Places to Stay

Transcript of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s address to Congress: “All American companies must leave their market immediately because it is flooded with our blood…I call on U.S. to do more, all American companies should leave Russia.” Zelensky

The Sustainable Brands Network, Ukraine & The Power of Community

Bernstein Webinar | Ukraine-Russia Update – Assessing the Risks and Navigating the Turbulence

As Crisis in Ukraine Grows, Aid Agencies Rush in Supplies

For brands sharing “We stand with Ukraine” messages on social, execution matters

Insights for Responding to the Crisis in Ukraine

How Funders Can Support Communities Affected by Complex Humanitarian Emergencies

In Light of Russia Sanctions, Consider Your Conditions for Doing Business in Other Countries

ESG Principles Need to Apply to Countries First

How the rise of corporate activism led to the world’s biggest companies leaving Russia

I’m a Ukraine tech journalist. I never thought I’d have to pivot to war reporting.

The Russian/Ukrainian Conflict. Can businesses stay neutral?

Guidance for Making Grants To Support Ukraine

Information For Refugees From Ukraine

Disasters, Dollars and Decisions: Lessons for Nonprofits to Prioritize Where and How to Help

Russian Oligarchs’ Giving Has Lessons for Nonprofits

How to Help LGBTQ+ and Black Ukrainian Refugees

Russian invasion of Ukraine: What companies have to say about their human rights due diligence

The LGBTQ+ Ukrainians Fighting for Their Country & Their Rights

He Helped Lush Expand in Russia. Soon He May Have to Fire 600 Employees and Close Up Shop and Let Go

Private Jets Are Stealthily Flying Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine

UNHCR announces $200 million in private-sector support for Ukraine

A quarter of Americans have donated to supported Ukraine, survey finds

How Should Your Supply Chain Respond to the Crisis in Ukraine?

Rapid corporate exodus from Russia is seen as a lesson for ESG investors, regulators

Some Companies’ Reputations at Risk as Russian War Atrocities Mount

UNICEF Is Working To Protect Children With Special Needs From War In Ukraine

US Embassy accuses Russia of kidnapping children amid reports it’s deporting thousands of Ukrainians by force

Brands, Ukraine and Upping the Ante on Corporate Social Responsibility

Baltimore nonprofit created to help wounded Ukrainians

British Institute of International and Comparative Law: Part 1: Do foreign companies have a responsibility under international law to leave Russia? Part 2: Responsible Exit from Russia: Business and Human Rights in a Global Governance Gap

Russia: Sanctions and Divestments. The Case For A Nuanced Approach “We are not arguing that divestment is or is not the right course of action for companies to take. What we are arguing is that the reality is a great deal more complicated than the binary,  divest is good/ remain is bad, way in which the position of businesses in relation to Russia is typically portrayed. “

Crisis in Ukraine: Respond and Reposition (brief) Respond and Reposition (infographics)

Resilience amid Global Crisis

Reporters Without Borders Devised a Creative Hack to Get News into Russia

What Different Countries Are Doing (or Not) to Help Ukraine’s Refugees

Is Ukraine’s aid bonanza coming at the expense of other crises?

The EU should treat all refugees like it is treating Ukrainians

How talking about ‘humanity’ and not ‘crisis’ can aid all refugees right now

Ways to help Ukraine

How To Handle The Effects Of The War In Ukraine On Your Business

A Chance to Fix the Broken Refugee Model

War in Ukraine — and what it means for the world order (TED video)

Advocates From Around the World Share Why We Need to #StandUpForUkraine

Philanthropic Resources for the Ukraine Crisis

Medical Relief for Ukraine

Ukraine Is A Warning: CEOs And Boards Must Re-Evaluate China Strategy

SILab Ukraine

The rising toll of the war in Ukraine (podcast)

With the Ukrainians, Avoid the Mistakes of Other Refugee Crises

Transportation Is An Essential Need in the Ukraine Crisis

AllianceBernstein: The Long View: Russia-Ukraine War Has Lasting Implications for Investing

US Consumers Expect Ukraine War to Impact Economy & Inflation

Amid War, a Clear and Collective Call to Support Public Interest Media in Ukraine

For this CEO, taking a trip to Ukraine now is personal and professional

World Bank to send Ukraine $1.5 billion as food, energy prices spike

Companies That Remain in Russia Will Struggle to Justify Their Decision to European and U.S. Audiences

CAF America: Humanitarian Support for Ukrainians

Rapid Human Rights Due Diligence During Political and Armed Conflict: A Business Response to Ukraine

Helping Ukrainians Means Listening to Their Needs — 3 Lessons for Aid Groups From Syria’s War

A small nonprofit labors to fill the aid gap as Ukrainians ask, ‘What is taking so long?’

Microsoft discloses onslaught of Russian cyberattacks on Ukraine

The Connection Between Trauma in Ukraine and Empathy in the Workplace

The war in Ukraine has devastated local designers, so U.S. firms are giving them jobs

Tech For Refugees initiative launched with $100 million

What Ukraine Needs Now: Advice for Donors and Nonprofits

Support Employees in Ukraine

Our Global Food System Was Already in Crisis. Russia’s War Will Make It Worse

What Ukraine Needs Now: Advice for Donors and Nonprofits

There’s a robust conversation around support for Ukraine happening in ACCP’s online community, click here to read. (ACCP members only)

ACCP surveyed its members and other CSR professionals to find out what their companies are doing in response to the Ukraine crisis, specifically around business resources, corporate philanthropy, employee volunteerism, and employee giving. Here is a sampling of the responses we’ve received.

Business Resources:

  • Canceled film releases in Russia for the foreseeable future – Paramount Pictures
  • Cybersecurity reminders – BECU
  • Terminated partnership with Russian broadcaster Match and shut down WWE Network in Russia effective immediately – WWE

Corporate Philanthropy:

  • Funds donated (and matched) to Direct Relief, UNICEF, ICRC, American Red Cross, Ukraine Humanitarian Fund and more – Owens Corning, Parker Hannifin, Global Atlantic Financial Company, LyondellBasell, Takeda, Aetna, MetLife Foundation, Paramount Pictures, Genmab, Sage
  • Employee assistance fund for those in Ukraine – United Nations Federal Credit Union, LKQ Corporation

Employee Volunteerism:

  • Blood and supply drives – LyondellBasell
  • Employees in Poland, Slovakia, and other bordering countries are providing shelter and transportation to Ukraine employees and their families – Owens Corning, LKQ Corporation
  • Allowing employees to receive volunteer rewards ($) for attending local rallies and protests – Benevity
  • Ad hoc and informal volunteerism, especially in Poland – Parker Hannifin

Employee Giving:

  • Matching donations to approved organizations, enhancing current matching gifts programs – United Nations Federal Credit Union, Wintrust Financial, Parker Hannifin, LKQ Corporation, Blackbaud, Global Atlantic Financial Company, BECU, LyondellBasell, Hyland, Activision Blizzard, Takeda, Aetna, MetLife Foundation, Paramount Pictures, Genmab, Benevity, Nordson Corporation Foundation
  • Providing employees with lists of vetted organizations and giving opportunities – ConAgra Brands, Blackbaud, AT&T, Shaw Industries, Sage

Other Responses:

  • Providing resources for regional contractors who work with our team, including relocation and basic needs. – Paramount Pictures
  • Supporting employees including providing mental health services – BECU
  • Allowing teams/departments/offices to use their “culture budget” funds (for team outings, etc.) to donate. – Hyland
  • Setting up text-to-give campaigns for NGOs – AT&T

*This is not an exhaustive list; if you are aware of other direct corporate responses we should add, please email ACCP.

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