Women in Social Impact Webcast

ACCP Staff

Key Takeaways from the ACCP Women in Impact Webcast
March 2022

In March, ACCP hosted our Women in Impact webcast. We were joined by Renee Hobbs, Executive Director of the Popeyes Foundation, and Janelle St. Omer, Regional Vice President at Benevity, as they discussed being a woman in social impact, their women-focused programming, and their career growth.

Below are just a few highlights from the discussion:

Robin: “I have found that many people [in CSR] fell into their roles. And I want to give a quick plug to the ACCP Forum. I did everything to be a sponge and learn from others in large organizations. I love this space I am connected to.

Janelle: “I think many women get into social impact work because they are so passionate about the space – but that can lead to burnout because you’re so heavily invested in every initiative and every program.”

RH:” I heard from so many practitioners over the last couple of years; it’s just been so much, and we’ve been at the center of it and trying to manage from all different angles and trying to continue to do what’s right and what’s good and almost feeling like it’s like one crisis after the other.”

JSO:” I truly believe deep in my soul and the fabric of my being that every single one of us has something to give. So, whether big or small or medium or whatever, our job is to tap into that. What would that mean if we all decided to tap into that for our world? What would it look like if we all chose to be a part of the solution? It might seem overwhelming and daunting, but at the same time, there is always something you can do.”

We appreciate Robin and Janelle joining us for this insightful conversation. Click here for a full transcript and the recording.

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