Member Benefits

ACCP generates and sustains a community of professionals who are supported and valued, who learn and grow, and where members challenge each other to build better outcomes—for their employees, their communities, their companies, and the world.

As a strategic resource for corporate citizenship professionals, ACCP provides access to practical insights, relevant tools, and meaningful connections that help companies identify and understand trends, improve their results, and expand their impact. 

Annual corporate dues for an ACCP membership are $6,875 and include access to many members-only benefits and resources. When your company joins ACCP, all employees are covered under the membership and can access unlimited events and resources.

200+ Member Companies 
20+ Industries Represented 
20+ Years Engaging with the Field


We Connect

At ACCP, we connect people with resources, and leaders with one another. We connect companies with ideas, and society with solutions. Our connectivity is our greatest asset. 

ACCP provides several opportunities for community members to join together to solve complex problems and learn from one another, including the annual ACCP Conference and ACCP Communities.

All ACCP members have access to unlimited email support and up to four hours per year of individual one-on-one guidance through ACCP Connect, ACCP’s member services team. Have a question for our Member Services team? Contact Melinda Bostwick by phone (734-665-3221) or email.


We Challenge

In the rapidly changing corporate citizenship field, we challenge individuals to build and grow their skills, and encourage businesses to evolve their policies and practices, for the greatest impact. 

ACCP provides relevant resources and learning opportunities to help you stay ahead of the curve and provide more value to your companies and communities. Check out our Benchmarking Report and—if you’re a member—visit the member Resource Library to access our extensive knowledge basis on topics from impact investing to cause marketing.


We Champion

We champion what’s working in our field and help teams make the case for resources. We celebrate purpose-driven leaders and their companies when they are a force for good in the world. Every year, at the ACCP Conference, we acknowledge professional excellence, impact, and innovation in our field through our Purpose Awards. 

We provide in-person and online opportunities for community members to learn and grow with their peers, fostering relationships of support and guidance as the corporate responsibility industry continues to grow. Visit the ACCP Communities to ask questions and share your expertise with other ACCP members.

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