Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find a list of current ACCP members here

ACCP’s membership dues are based on company revenue. When your company joins ACCP, all employees are covered under the membership and can access member-only programs, resources, and data. 

  1. ACCP provides affordable and practical value to your whole team
  2. ACCP is led by CSR & ESG leaders – the only professional association working to advance the profession of corporate citizenship.
  3. ACCP’s community of practitioners is uniquely generous with their knowledge and time to support one another.
  4. ACCP provides applicable knowledge and relevant solutions.
  5. ACCP is a safe space where you can be transparent about your challenges and problem solve solutions.
  6. ACCP puts diversity and inclusion at the core of its strategy because diverse minds, ideas, and approaches make for more robust solutions.
  • Access to members-only programs and resources for your whole CSR, ESG & DE&I teams 
  • Opportunity to participate in member-only peer groups and online discussions 
  • Opportunity for your senior leader to participate in the ACCP Executive Network (senior leader-only gatherings) 
  • Access to the ACCP Online Resource Library 
  • Access to ACCP’s Online Membership and Benchmarking Directories 
  • One complimentary registration per year to the ACCP Annual Conference 
  • Discounted access to all ACCP educational programs 
  • Opportunity to participate in ACCP’s online communities 
  • Opportunity to showcase company initiatives through ACCP’s communication channels 
  • Unlimited email support for your CSR & ESG questions and up to 4 hours of one-on-one consultation through ACCP CONNECT Member Support Service. 

Membership is based on anniversary date, and you will get the full benefit of the annual membership no matter what time of year you join. 

ACCP does not offer a certification program, but through ACCP Forum, participants earn a certificate and gain foundational knowledge about the full breadth of corporate citizenship work. This immersive training program offers foundational knowledge and the opportunity to form a peer group that participants can lean on throughout their careers.  

In addition to Forum, ACCP offers several educational programs throughout the year that allow practitioners to gain knowledge and stay current on trending topics. 

ACCP offers resources and programs on the full spectrum of corporate social impact. As the field has evolved we have added many ways to support members with their ESG efforts including:

  • ACCP’s membership includes many professionals who are responsible for or contribute to their companies ESG strategy. Members with ESG responsibilities can connect with each other through our Membership Directory, our new ESG online community, and in ESG specific programs.

  • ESG is a key content priority area for ACCP, with content infused across ACCP’s programs (Conference, Forum, Summits, Webcasts, Topical Thursdays), with a focus on: Aligning CSR to the business, Measuring the ‘S’ in ESG, and Communicating your CSR & ESG story.

  • ACCP aims to support corporate citizenship practitioners in understanding how ESG issues add value or create risk for their companies, and how to infuse CSR into the ESG conversation.

  • Since 2021, ACCP has offered a 2-day ESG Summit (virtual) to provide CSR & ESG practitioners with the knowledge needed to advance their companies’ ESG strategy.

  • ESG data is incorporated in ACCP’s annual Making the Case toolkit.

  • ACCP’s Resource Library has an ESG folder with more than 30 ESG resources available for members to access.

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