ACCP’s Top 10 Most Read Blogs of 2023

ACCP Staff

The ACCP Insights blog serves as a compass for corporate social impact trends and issues. The 2023 most-read blogs encapsulated the pressing issues and emerging trends of the past year.

Our blog delved into crucial topics such as advancing equity, career advancement, CSR and ESG communications, and trends that are redefining the corporate social impact profession.

As we begin the new year, let’s collectively pause to reflect on all the field has accomplished and explore the top 10 posts that resonated with our community, offering valuable insights and perspectives.

10 – Commemorating Juneteenth 2023 by ACCP

Commemorating Juneteenth is an essential way for companies to recognize the significance of this holiday and a vital part of a company’s diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

9 – Certifications, Degrees, and Educational Programs for CSR Leaders – Lacey Gaitan, ACCP

We consistently hear one question from both those looking to enter the field and those looking to grow in the field: “What certificate, degree, or educational program is there for CSR leaders?”

8 – Celebrating Global Diversity Awareness Month – Embracing Inclusion in Corporate Culture – ACCP Staff

Global Diversity Awareness Month is not just a symbolic observance; it is a chance for companies to amplify their commitment to diversity and inclusion. By recognizing this month, organizations demonstrate their dedication to creating an environment where employees of all backgrounds feel valued, respected, and heard.

7 – Talking Purpose with Carolyn Berkowitz, featuring LinkedIn’s Meg Garlinghouse – ACCP

The shelf life of skills has never been shorter. For social impact professionals to continue to be successful, we must be in a constant state of learning – especially regarding technology.

6 – 2023 CSR Outlook: Five Trends from Fidelity Philanthropic Consulting – Maeve Miccio

I believe philanthropy can be one of the most personal expressions of your values and lived experiences. We know that employees, customers, and investors expect companies to authentically demonstrate their values in nearly all business areas—marketing, supply chain, governance, operations, benefits, etc. 

5 – Talking Purpose with Carolyn Berkowitz, featuring USAA’s Justin Schmitt – ACCP

The best corporate responsibility professionals are like a Swiss Army knife: multiple sharp, specialized skills to address societal and business challenges and opportunities. The essential skills are business knowledge, CSR expertise, high EQ, and humility.

4 – Observing National Hispanic Heritage Month – ACCP

Companies should prioritize creating a diverse and inclusive workforce by implementing equitable hiring practices that attract and retain Hispanic talent. A diverse team can enrich the company culture and enhance creativity and innovation.

3 – Breakthrough CSR & ESG Communications – Rich Maiore, Rocket Social Impact

It’s never been more of a priority and more of a challenge to reach stakeholders—employees, consumers, and investors— with your CSR & ESG messages.

2 – New CSR and ESG Survey Shows Profession Under Intense Pressure to Perform with Fewer Resources – ACCP

ACCP’s survey of 149 companies representing more than $1 Billion in community investments, conducted throughout April 2023, found “an important corporate function under intense pressure to produce results in a charged environment, often with fewer resources and continuing post-pandemic challenges.” 

1 – Engaging the Generation of Social Impact Leaders – Jerome Tennille, The Uplift Agency

I’ll be the first to tell you that someone’s life views and lived experiences profoundly influence how they navigate their jobs. In general, early career professionals have enormous potential to bring new ideas and new ways of thinking about how we conduct our work. 

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