Hillary Roviaro

Manager, Community

As a member of the Content and Learning team, Hillary (she/her) is responsible for developing a strong sense of community amongst ACCP members. You’ll interact with Hillary most in Member Group meetings, Topical Thursdays, our online communities, and at Forum and Conference. Hillary enjoys finding innovative ways to connect learners with content and create inclusive learning communities.

Hillary’s previous experience included creating learning communities in the Higher Education sector around leadership, service, and inclusion at American University, Georgia Tech, and Valencia College.
Hillary received her BA in International Affairs from Rollins College where her student leadership engagement led her to pursue a MS in Student Affairs in Higher Education from Miami University (OH). She concentrated her studies on Diversity, Equity, and Culture.

Hillary enjoys connecting with others over good food, exploring the great outdoors with her dog Millie, and traveling the world with friends and family.

Hillary is based in Orlando, FL

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