Rising Star Nomination


The Rising Star is a an early or mid-career professional in CSR/ESG whose work has created measurable impact inside and/or outside the company – without the benefit of positional authority.

This award recognizes a purpose-driven professional’s achievement of social impact that is attainable at any level in one’s career, with initiative, vision, and hard work.

This professional implements or cultivates an initiative (as part of their role within the company) that results in measurable impact within the company (internally), in the community (externally), and/or both. This person utilizes influence, initiative, and vision, without positional authority, to achieve outsized impact.

This person applies current knowledge and best practices to drive their work forward, demonstrating that they stay current in the field (e.g., considering racial equity, thinking about outcome measurement, bringing data or examples to the table, etc.). 

The individual can be an ACCP member or from a non-member company.

By submitting this application, you grant ACCP permission to use the information shared to create copy to announce and highlight the award recipient. The recipient will be highlighted in ACCP communications including, but not limited to, the ACCP website, ACCP social media, and in email communications.

Email purposeawards@accp.org with any questions.

The nomination period is April 30 - June 12, 2024.
Nominators will be notified in July 2024 on the status of their submission. 
Application Questions
Nominator Information
Relationship to Nominee:

Nominee Information:
Job Title:

Application Questions
Question #1: Please describe the nominee’s functional, day-to-day responsibilities. (~50 words)

Question #2: What is your company’s CSR reporting structure, and where does the nominee sit within that structure? (~50 words)

Question #3: Please describe the program or initiative the nominee cultivated or implemented, including its audience, purpose, and implementation process. (~250 words) Please note: Initiatives should have taken place within the past 12 months.

Question #4: Which stakeholders did the nominee need to influence and how were they influential in cultivating, implementing, and/or achieving results from the program? (~150 words)

Question #5: Please describe the program’s results or outcome, and how those were measured. (~100 words)

Question #6: Please describe how the nominee demonstrates initiative and vision in their day-to-day performance. (~100 words)

Question #7: Please describe how the nominee applies current knowledge and best practices to drive their work forward, demonstrating that they stay current in the field. (~100 words)

Thank you for your submission.